Remote Controller

Hello I have two controllers: 1) Mini Remote Controller and 2) Fly Sky FS-GT2

I used both. But why do they give me different speeds for my longboard? Fly Sky - proved to be more powerful speed.

  1. When I used Fly Sky - Why, when the gas trigger is pressed smoothly and almost at the end point of pressing, I feel a kick and the acceleration of the motor increases dramatically that the pulley rotates.

  2. When I used Mini Remote - Acceleration is smooth and slow and there is no kick.

If there is an expo function on the FS remote or throttle curve it could be the reason. I am not familiar with the setting of your remote though. Be careful when testing. Just a thought. Have a look and let us know what you find.

Good luck.

Throttle trim on the gt2b can be adjusted to more acceleration or brake hense more speed.

Do you set the settings each time you switch in the VESC settings? Possibly the range of the trigger on the Mini isn’t as great as the GT2B?

what @gliz5714 said. Every remote is different and needs to have its settings tweaked in the VESC.

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