Remote controllers

Hi eSk8 builders!

I want to choose a better remote for my build.

  1. Currently I use the cheapest and the most simple remote, that is also quite bulky and does not fit into my pocket (can be bought for 16$ on eBay): I also don’t like the steering wheel it has.

Here are the other options: 2) TorqueBoards Nano remote for 60$ (one of my favorites so far): diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller/ 3) Enertion remote for 116$ (nice, but expensive): 4) Winning remote for 40$: 5) Benchwheel remote for 39$ (this is probably more compact design from the budget options than others and has 2 speed modes): 6) Kowheel remote for 9$ (not sure, if it will work with 2.4Ghz receiver):

What do you think of these remotes? Are there any other remotes, that you prefer to those listed here?

  1. is also available on Banggood, cheaper: You can possibly take the “steering” wheel off by undoing the screw in the middle, dunno.

Both 2) and 4) are Winning remote, but 2) is version 2 of it.

You won’t be able to use 6) as there is no receiver for DIY board.

  1. should be a very high quality and overall good and recommended remote but there are some reports that latest batches have some issues with receivers. I have one but not in use at the moment so I cannot comment on that.

There is also a Steez or Maytech remote:

I use Winning v1 ATM and it has been working without issues, knock on wood :slight_smile:

I have 4 Benchwheel remotes and it’s been great for me, though on my dual 6355 build the receiver cuts out for some reason. I don’t think it’s strictly the receivers fault though as it runs on my dual 5065 build just fine. I’m getting a winning v2 to replace the remote on the 6355 build.

Whatever you do, don’t buy the winning v1 remote. Notorious for being unreliable.


@Jinra, Benchwheel remote is indeed super comfortable comparing to Nano-X, Winning or Mini. I like it the best. BUT, they definitely have some issues with their receivers. One of them just died for me unexpectedly without reason. I’ve got replacement and was super excited for 2 days, until I got disconnected once after 18km ride. Now I lost any trust, because losing connection once per 100km is much worse than losing it more often. You cultivate a trust and start riding more careless and then suddenly shit happens :confused:

I agree. I have a lot of the BW remotes, and while they’ve never died on me, I have had a couple disconnections when at full brake. The nano/winning v2 has been working 100%, besides a disconnect incident due to low battery though!

My winning remote have been having some interference while i ride on the main road. . . . . .

are you sure it’s the remote. what’s the behavior?

The reaction time is very slow. It would suddenly lost connection, but if i hold down the button long enough, it will suddenly accelerate

What’s up with everyone complaining about dropouts. My batch works fine, not sure why everyone else is having problems. The reason I sell them is because they work fine. And yet everyone else here sings the opposite song. Anyone care to explain?

(You have to caibrate them everytime you turn on the board. Or maybe it’s an issue with the deadband?)


I think is more depends on the location. When i was riding in the park it works perfectly fine, but i noticed that once i goes near those electrical boxes or places with a lot of buildings it iwll lost connection

Wait… I had a perfect post about this… Let me dig it up. Found it. Here you go:

This sums it up perfectly /\

um. . . so it is a known issue then. Any other remote that don;t have this issue?

Is kinda embarrassing to lost control in front of a lot of people

gt2b, mini remote, benchwheel

Are you sure the VESC/ESC didn’t suddenly lose power or restart? That would cause the same type of behavior.

Sure, cos if i just keep holding the trigger it will accelerate again. If the VESC lost power, i will need to restart it.

Also, it always happen at the same locations

VESC reboots are automatic and you don’t need to reset it manually.

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The Vedder RF-remote that i have has had zero issues so far, and i have been riding nearly 500km. And it’s easy to use. The Wii nunchuk feels a bit bulky when i put it in my pocket, but have been thinking of modifying it to be more slim.

Hello, I got this VESC 6 (–vedder-electronic-speed-controller-trampa-exclusive-p-24166.html )

and this remote control, the maytech one with the thumb push button:–receiver-p-24243.html

I am disappointed by how flimsy the remote feels and I can not get a good connection between the remote receiver and the VESC. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

I am on my second remote and I am having the same issues

It is so frustrating.

What sort of remote + receivers are people using with a vesc 6 that they are happy with.

Thank you

anyone find a way to make a receiver pair with the new meepo remotes that have 4 modes? (Modes are super useful)

This is what I’m talking about:

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would love if someone did. flipsky came out with a similar looking one with a reciver but then took it off the market.