Remote controllers

this one works well, @mmaner has tested it and we carry it as a budget build remote


I just bought the mini remote, maybe I’ll do a custom case for it, to avoid that big shape it have

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There’s definitely a few DIY ones here on the forum either built up from simple breakout boards or by pulling the guts from known good transmitter/receiver pairs and then rebuilding for sleeker look and feel (in general).

Few of us chatting here about ours Can also checkout @solidgeek’s design search for “nrf remote” to find his thread with instructions links etc. I’ve personally had a lot of luck I guess with my own nrf based one and haven’t had many issues, the biggest problem I’ve had is potentiometers “going bad” or just “being bad” so I’d lean more towards using the linear hall sensor or something else more reliable (or I guess find a known good source for potentiometers, but imagine they all have some wear issues with the wiper moving often). Aside from my potentiometer issues though the communication part has always been pretty reliable (picking a channel that is less used in your area may affect this along with adjusting power level and bitrate).

^small unlisted vid can see how far away from the board I can get before I lose connection and this is just a regular NRF with the on board antenna if you get one with the power amplifier and external dipole antenna it works at least a city block away (tried with my RC car got as far as I could see it).

Just saw this pop up recently too, not really the design one would want for esk8 but electronics is all the same and sure people can get creative with the case design

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I love it. Great tactile response.

It really depends on what you want. If you want something tried and tested (and budget friendly) then look at the mini remote or the nano remote linked above.

If you’re willing to do some modification and have access to a 3d printer, both the mini remote and the G2B (another tried and tested remote) have modifications available to make them more esk8 friendly.

If you’re looking for something a bit more technical, the feather remote by @StefanMe or the Firefly nano by @DroidSector offer VESC data on the remote itself. Because of the increased featureset and decreased scale of operations the price is significantly higher, but you get what you pay for.

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