Remote for Vesc , which one for DIY?

Looking to upgrade my PPM remote for something with a display on it , I want to go DIY so a nuchuck with oled + arduino nano is probably the way to go as i already have them.

Problem is theres a multitude of guides out there and im confused about which will work with the latest VESC software? I have a flipsky bluetooth nrf51 fitted but not sure if its compatable with a remote , and if so what module do i need for the remote to talk to it.

Dont mind loosing the flipsky NRF51 if a simpler setup can be used such as a couple of NRF24L01+ modules.

So any advice on what I should get to work with my hardware/software and any simple guides out there would be realy helpful :-

Flipsky Mini FSESC4.20

Flipsky Bluetooth Module 2.4G Wireless Based upon the nrf51

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Hey man. I can’t answer this but I would reccomend going to The new forum @ . You can also PM me your email I can invite you, it’ll be appreciated