Remote not showing on VESC Tool (more updated computer drives had issues) problem solved

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and not finding any answers. I have a @torqueboards VESC which I’ve finally found a pc that works with it no issues. And now I cannot get the remote to respond it’s a nano remote and receiver. The remote pairs to the receiver fine both lights are solid green on controller and red on receiver. I have tried to switch ppm settings and reboot back and forth between no app/ppm/ppm and uart. I have tried everything I’ve read on the forums on the issue. But I can’t get passed the issue. I don’t want to buy a new remote and receiver and have the same issues. Hopefully someone can help me out.

Computer out of date with ports/com driver used a different one and it worked perfectly! Figured I would leave this up Incase anyone Else hasn’t found the problem

Did you try the brand new VESC-Tool? Download it and see what result you get.

I’m sorry I was responding to 2 people at once my laptop had some issue with the drivers for ports/com I got a different one and solved the issue appreciate the response!