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I’m currently using a Winning V2 remote that works great but i Want a remote with 2 speed modes. Since my 12s dual 6374 190kv motor is way to much torque for most. I’d like to have two speed modes on it. Will the benchwheel remote provide that? Or can I do that with my remote now ?

i just bought 20 of the new maytech remotes and i’m about to list them tonight. They have two speed modes and a much smaller receiver, a much much more ergonomic feel, and i’m basically in love with them. Cruise control is gone, but so is the awkward size. IT fits in a pocket and even tells you if the board is powered on (with a seperate indicator light instead of just saying its paired)

Also the cable is a usb micro instead of mini and its a normal cable that can also be used to connect your FocBox to your bldc tool. Its not that stupid long special cable from the Steeze.


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I carry both remotes with two speed modes. I made a quick video to show off some key differences but they are both great remotes.


If you don’t want to buy a new remote, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t, you could install a Bluetooth HM-10 and use the @Ackmaniac firmware to setup modes.

just fyi the winning v2 DOES have two “speed” modes

Really? Cause mine doesn’t change speed it just turns on and off channel 2, I’d like speed modes on my Raptor cause it’s a bit too much for people that have never ridden esk8

Yes, but it doesnt the same thing as with any PPM remote with multiple modes, in which it limits the pulse width. For the v2 it limits it to about 70/-70%. And just so we’re on the same page this is the remote I’m referring to. For this reason it doesn’t limit speed so much as it limits current, which in turn will limit speed in conditions where supplied current doesn’t overcome load.

The Enertion nano-x is the same as the remote above.

I have that same remote I’ll have to test it tonight to see if there is any difference in acceleration, I know on my V1 for sure it has only 1 speed mode mode. Im at work but I have my board in the car I will try it out in the parking lot later

yea v1 only has 1 mode, v2 has 2 modes. Full throttle is down position on the switch below the throttle, and 70% throttle is up position.

I’d be interested to see if I’ve been riding in slow mode all this time… I did try the switch during testing on a bench with no load but saw no difference

because the raptor and raptor 2 don’t use duty cycle control, it’s all current control. On the bench it’ll look the same in almost any throttle position since you only need a couple amps to ramp to full speed.

It’s on my mono diy board but it’s all Raptor parts anyway lol ah I want to try it now

If you set PPM values on the VESC in slow mode you’ll still have 100% throttle range. The 2 modes only have effect if you set PPM values based off “fast” mode on the remote.

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Thanks for the valuable info!