Remote with other transmitter

Hey guys got a new remote from banggood but they forgot the transmitter sadly the remote wont connect with the old transmitter it just keeps flashing while I want to pair. Does that even work with other transmitters or is there a trick? :smile: thanks!


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Yes it will work with other receivers but only if the same brand/type

ah okaay, so I got that and now the banggood one without reviever, do you think they have to send me the right revievr to get it working? I thougt I can use any 2,4 reciever on any remote

Nah I don’t think that will work together. You need the actual receiver for the remote you have. Sorry man happened to me once before too, it sucks

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ah okay but thanks for youre help, I contacted banggood. Nahh waiting again :smiley:

Where are you located

germany, Why are you asking :)?

Well if you were US I’d send my extra. But shipping is going to ruin it to Germany

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haha na doubt. But thank you anyways :slight_smile:

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Sadly they forgot the reciever but its okay weather here atm is bad anyways. I just will wait. Have a nice christmas guys!

How about shipping to Russia :joy: My mini remote also missing a receiver :sob:

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finally I found out banggood is selling the remote and reciever extra you have to choose between type 1 and type 2 but on the picture and title is both, really didnt took a look about that especally on phone, thats totaly wired. but its okay :grinning::joy:

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You need this receiver (Redcat Racing E710 2.4Ghz Receiver). Also it’s not likely banggood forgot the receiver, they sell them separately on the same page but the user interface is confusing. “Color” chooses either “Transmitter” or “Receiver” on their user interface. As far as I’m aware, other receivers won’t work. But I could be wrong.

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wow how do you know this reciever works with the excellway one? would be awesome :grinning:

I have both :wink:

With that transmitter, which BTW is my favorite one, be GENTLE and EASY on the power switch. That’s the first part that will fail. To prolong the transmitter’s life, you need to prolong the switch’s life.

Cheers :slight_smile: