Remoteless build

First, this type of board doesn’t appear to exist yet. Secondly look at all the open source projects! The goal isn’t to undermine someone but to benefit everybody by sharing expertise and ideas. But lets not get side tracked, if you want to discuss the merits of open source, and IP start you own thread please and I’ll be happy to contribute to it there.

sure mellow has some of the functionality I want, it also has four wheel, they got dibs on that too?

Quit spamming my thread with OT comments

@killaton dont flag posts just because you don’t like the truth of them.

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it was flagged because it was OT. This thread is a discussion of remoteless builds, not merrits of IP law and open source models. We can start a new thread and post a link here, and i’ll be happy to continue that discussion there with both of you.

This is also OT, but i like cheap chinese stuff. I would never buy a crappy complete, but what is wrong with an 2$ arduino instead of a genuine one for 20$. I don‘t need an answer just to give you something to think about…

This (remoteless board) would probably be an arduino + some other electric components. I would definitely build from chinese parts. not so OT like i doubt when I began writing

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I’m the same…I love cheap Chinese stuff too.

You know how easy it is to buy $30 worth of shit(10-20+ items) and forget about it and then a month later it’s like Christmas in your mailbox? Had I bought the real deals(marked up nonsense that came from China) I’d of been out of pocket a couple hundred likely. I’m not saying it for everything. But man… How else do you keep the shit cheap. Here is a perfect example.

  • US M4 *20mm 200pc $36.99 + shipping
  • china m4*20mm 200pc, $6.99, free shipping

Pick your battles… Line your pockets with cheap Chinese stuff. And use the $ you saved, on other quality parts that MATTER.

Poster above me is spot on… I’m not paying for a genuine Arduino - unless my project is chipset/memory specific… 10pack of nanos is like $11 shipped… Why would I pay $16 for one…


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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

This is not true in any sense. Not only does it only have 2 longboard wheels when fully assembled, but it doesn’t even come with those…

I think the push/pump assist feature is pretty straightforward, and easy to implement using a VESC without any additional hardware.

The deceleration seems to be the tricky bit, and this is what I wanted to hear some discussion about possible designs. Keep in mind I’m not considering this for high speed boards, just low speed cruisers that go as fast as you can kick.

There are two basic scenarios, controlled braking and emergency fall off.

Controlled braking might work like this: ESC feeds steady current and reads the RPM and cuts power to motor and coast if the RPM reading drops, such as a drop from added resistance of a foot dragging. The problem is the same would happen on an uphill slope, so maybe you’d need to add a tilt sensor to differentiate the two.

Emergency falloff / runaway board: This could be addressed with a weight sensor on the trucks or a proximity RF chip in an ankle bracelet, that would start braking if RF sensor is not in range. Spectra seems to have this feature, anyone know the implementation? Would an unloaded motor at steady current experience a sudden jump in rpm that could be differentiated from one caused by a foot push?

I am under the impression Spectra uses force sensors on either the deck or the trucks, but I could be wrong.

There is no safe way to engage emergency braking without remote of some kind.

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Why do you say that?

In this case “emergency” implies you jumped or fell off the board and are no longer in control. At the very least you need to cut power, ideally also engage breaks to avoid the board shooting into an intersection. Both should be doable with a sensor on the trucks for example.

How would this sensor work? Do I have to press it or is it wireless? What would happen when it breakes? Is there redundant one or will I be stopped instantanously and shoot into the air? If it’s wirelles how fast would it brake on connection lost or some kind of interference? What is the range of this sensor? What about going downhill? How would it distinguish pushing from accelerating down?

Several builds implemented some version of this already, such as this

Sensor is a tiny stress sensor on the truck, its wired to the ESC, it measures deformation of the metal under load, no load=apply breaking, in case of failure ideally nothing happens, maybe an audio tone, your emergency brake just doesn’t work. Has nothing to do with pushing or going up hill, should only activate when there’s no rider.

I see you just want to do it without thinking about possibility of dying because of brakes failure. I’m out until you answer my questions and find a way to brake or understand that remoteless ride might kill you. You cannot jump off the board while going 50kmh downhill.

False. It just might hurt though. :grin:


*safely :blush:

I’m guessing that was implied :thinking:

@webst you wont die from a 15km/h crash normally… no one intends to build a 40km/h wireless board i think. I also could build a 80km/h hoverboard, and probably would end in death, just think before you do something