Remote's ppm 'center' constantly decreases while on

For some reason, my wireless remote has a ‘center’ to it’s ppm signal that is constantly decreasing the longer it is one. The center signal starts at 1.79ms, then decreases down to 1.58ms.

Based on the max and min frequency, this causes neutral position to start registering as a +17%, and slowly over ~5 mins register as a -16%. Is this a normal level of swing to experience?

More importantly, my concern is not being able to ever reach 100% throttle after the remote stays on for >1 minute

The battery is charged up?

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I crammed my mini (the same as yours) in a BoostedBoard shell for kicks a while back. The damn remote would lag input and catch up with terrifying results. Almost lost a board to the ocean.

The lipo was neglected, sat in box for 6 months without charging before I wanted controller guts to mess with evolve riders.

I’m told this stupid clip made its way the evolve CTO and engineers who were concerned their comms had been cracked. I think it was just a shitty lipo.

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I have a similar remote, although I ordered mine off ebay.

No, this signal drift is not normal. You may want to request a return.

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