Remotes, remotes?

Hi guys,

So I finished my first build and have ridden it for a few days, great fun! But I am running into some issues with my remote now. It stops working even though the two LED’s are on and the remote and receiver seem paired. I ordered one of these:

It seems to be a copy of the original Winning, which I’ve bread more stuff about in the forum’s. I have been reading through the topics that are out there but a lot seem outdated and the search functionality doesn’t return the greatest of topics.

The Benchwheel is supposed to be a nice remote, but I can’t find it with receiver anymore.

I am looking for something small I can also fit in my coat pocket. Something similar to what I had ordered is fine. The thumb stick works absolutely fine for me. :slight_smile:

So in a bit more research I did manage to find the Benchwheel remote and receiver, even though it is not available on AliExpress etc. they do have it available on their website: You can also just separately buy the receiver.

Another thing I came across is that it is supposed to be the receiver that fails in the winning remote. This Flysky receiver should also be able to bint with the winning radio.

Going to give that a go, I should have a bunch of similar receivers laying around of that other hobby (RC, drones) :slight_smile:

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I’d jump straight on that Benchwheel remote and skip trying to get the winning working. It’s proven and shouldn’t let you down.


Absolutely agree. The benchwheel is a great remote with a much more reliable signal, nice throttle range and compact design. I love mine as much as my fav maytech.

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Thanks guys! I have ordered the Benchwheel remote. Also did manage to resurrect my Winning though, which means at least I get to ride again. :slight_smile: In this case it was the power switch that was wonky. The power LED would be on but would show a flicker. Probably some capacitor keeping it lit while the connection of the power switch would wobble on and off. As a quick fix I desolderes the channel switch and put it in place of the power switch which did the job. Ordered some switches for it to have a proper fix when they get in. Always good to have backups. :wink:

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