Removable batteries

i want a cheap durable cheap board sub 700 usd with a removable battery that I can swap in under 5 to 10 sec so it doesnt get confiscated at the airport. It would be nice if each battery pack 90 to 160 watt hour. It would be nice if it can last me 1 to 2 years or 15-20 trips.i realize there are companies that make them already but i dont know the best option and I am not a big fan of hub motors… and inboard which i thought about buying is sold out

This is a bad company please dont buy from them but you want something like this right

exactly… edit sorry for late response …

I cannot confirm if this comopany has ever shipped a board. Their puk remotes are very well regarded but ive not seen one of these in the wild but they have 10s packs of 25r

There is also the Zill board (which never launched or has been avaiable yet) andrew penman did a long video on it basically a kaly with removable batteries. very expensive.

I too would like a board that can easily be travelled with its clearly one of the things in great demand (along with a decent VESC(fesc, focbox, esc).

I have wondered if we had something made with packs of 10s cells could we connect them with 2 XT90s to each battery for the + - and charge/bms cables?

meepo mini standard will fit your needs great

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thx preciate it edit but want a easily removable battery and i mean ez like second removal without screws and the sort

yea but battery pack isnt swappable or airplane friendly unless you got tools and inboard is sold out

umm it works with my airline so idk and you can take battery off with 1 ttool

Hoyt has shipped many. It’s just Hoyt owners don’t post about them as much as those meepo enthusiast do.

Looking for someone to assist me in 3D printing something that will change e-boarding forever…

buy revel kit exactly what you’re looking for

the revel kit it perfect wanted to water proof it but i realized it had a over heating issue when if i try to might just be me tho… been using it a little for the update but still find myself carrying my blink s2 most the time because revel with deck is nearly 700 while my acton is 300 and i got it for 500… and ever since i water proofed it i literally tortured it and it still holds up including riding home when the Manhattan sidewalks flooded with 3 inch of water…

nice but again it is expensive as travel only board unless i want to use it as a back up back up board

i tried 3d printer albeit i tried with cheaper printers which i dont think matters or maybe it was a filament issue… or maybe i am rough with my boards or i made the case plastic too thin (3mm) … i had couple problem where i punctured it been looking for metal enclosure for a while made me lose a lot of trust in plastic also chopping off the excess plastic is kinda messy