Removing 10s 3p packs

Do you think that if I were to make all of the conectors on the battery have bullet connectors I would be able to swap out these two 10s3p packs by simply removing the jst connector from the battery that is in the board along with its connections to the bms and add the other one?

Yes i think that should be no problem

Basically want to be able to just swap battery by removing balance lead from bms and the connectors which I will change out to 3.5mm bullet connectors

sry missunderstood something, edit my previous post

Sweet I’ll order some and see how it goes u think there might be a spark when I connect though?

Yea but might be so small no one can see:P

:joy:alright thanks

one bms with multiple battery packs? should be fine. and there shouldn’t be a spark, that would be bad lol

Should 3.5mm bullets be good enough for the current or do u think I’ll need 4mm

I would go with 4mm. i think i have 3.5 on this rc car motor, i wouldnt’ trust them with more than 30A.

but really an xt60/90 so you don’t have to worry about polarity.

Hmm good point and alright I’ll look

what bms do you have? i just found a super cheap <$20 10s 45A/100A bms. I think I’m going to order a couple and test. it seem too good, but it could change the game for swappable packs!

It’s the enertion spacell bypassed

Might want to heat shrink those batteries though.

Electrical tape

Heat shrink is cheaper and less messy though.

I’ll see if I can find some bug enough

Only $4 shipped for a meter.

Here’s how it looks on my Space Cell 3.

Good idea I’ll get done then