Removing adhesive residue

I need some advice on how I can remove the adhesive from my board. I added a light to the front of my Trampa Urban Carver with double sided tape. I removed it when it broke and now I’m left with ugly adhesive. The main issue is that the board has a rough grip tape on it which makes it very difficult to get at the residue. I’ve tried glue remover and even pool acid but can’t get rid of it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


try eucalyptus oil. a very small amount along with a wire brush or something should work

Did you agitate it with a brush, nylon or wire? Those solvents can only penetrate so deep.

I tried with a nylon brush - I don’t have a wire one. I’ll have to go get one.

wd40 or isopropyl alcohol or a new griptape.


Put duct tape on and pull it off.

Anything that removes that stuff will probably loosen the grip tape.

Different adhesives have different solvents. Try alcohol, acetone, kerosene (wd40), oil (like vegetable oil). also heat. after that, 3M has several adhesive removers.

warm it up with a heat gun and then roll it off with the tip of your thumb. Adhesives hate heat.

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+1 for heat

Thanks all. Good suggestions. I’ll give heat a go first as I’ve got a heat gun handy.

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Flambe it, don’t go melting the grip tape or deck lol

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Flambéboard. Love it.

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