Removing and Replacing Motor Magnets

EDIT: Continuing the discussion from Securing a magnet to motor AND Right glue for motor stator and magnets:

Hi all, I have dented my motor severely enough that the magnets on the inside of the housing (the part that spins) are brushing against the inside part of the motor (the part that does not spin). I was thinking that it might be possible to remove the magnets, and secure them, once I have removed the dent from the motor housing. I am not sure if it would ever be possible to re glue the magnets securely, and definitely don’t want them to come off and jam the motor while riding, though I think the centripetal force would hold them against the housing pretty tight.

Anyway, any ideas or info on how to remove and replace magnets is appreciated, also links to other thread are great. I have looked around, but it seems like there has not been a definitive answer about what sort of glue, or how to remove the magnets.

Though, I did see that someone recommended CA glue, but I think that it will begin to lose its bound as the motor heats up.

Thanks in advance for the replies.

Try using JB weld, that should hold up.

JB has metal parts inside not good for electromagnetic field though

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Ah, I was not aware of this. Maybe some high temp loctite then?

Yeh I am asking the same in another thread. Loctite suggests LOCTITE EA 9514

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Ok, I will look in to some of the adhesives. Or I may just file the magnet down. I assume they are Samarium Cobalt (assumption obtained through google search, no personal knowledge about Samarium Cobalt), but am not sure. Anyway, form a quick google search the magnets rust very easily if the outer coating is damaged, which it already is, so I don’t see a real issue with just filing the magnet down and running the motor till it pukes. Anyone see any major downsides to this, despite a minor loss of magnetism, and thus power from the motor. I also sent @torqueboards an email, so I am sure he will have an idea of what to do and perhaps about what adhesives are used. I will add the info to the thread when I get it, or @torqueboards might reply directly.

Calling @Kug3lis the busted magnet king

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@C23 - Are you sure your motor even needs to be replaced?

We no longer use adhesive for the magnets. At least for our motors.

Your best fix would be to replace the motor can and/or remove the magnet and try and fix the dent. IF your motor can is rubbing.

As long as you can break the seal on the retainer ring. You can push or pull the magnet out and fix the dent. Then add the magnet back in and re-seal the retainer ring.

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@torqueboards, yea, I’m sure the motor is having a problem, the clicking is loud, and the resistance is noticeable. The motor is fine, and the magnets are held in fine, but the dent pushed the magnets, just a bit, closer to the center part of the motor and they are now touching. It is pretty clear to see by the wear marks on the magnets, which are only present on the two magnets were the dent is. I also tried the can on another motor to make sure that it still rubbed and it did, and a good can on the first motor did not rub. I know that the cans are pretty strong, but this dent is in the order of like 2 - 3 mm, it hit so hard it pushed my motor mount up, to a new position.

EDIT: I think I will try to file the magnets a bit and see if that doesn’t do the trick.

I really appreciate the info and the help.

@C23 - Email us. We might have a spare motor can laying around somewhere. That would probably be the easiest option.

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@torqueboards out of curiosity, how are the magnets fixed them? Just interference fit in the retaining ring? All of mine are holding up to a lot of abuse

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@pedrodemio - Yeah, curved magnet with retainer ring and end cap. A while while back we use to epoxy magnets.