Removing nickel strip from battery pack

Hi there! I have run into a problem due to some oversight on my part when building my battery pack. The nickel strip I have welded onto the pack cannot support the current i need (I was sure i looked it up before but i guess not) so I have decided to remove and replace it. My question is about the removal process, I’m planning on doing what i did when welding the battery but in reverse. So I’ll cut the series connections between the paralell groups first, so I can work with the smaller 3p groups and then when they are seperated I’ll cut the connections between the paralell cells and finally pry the strips off of the individual cells.

Cutting the series connections:

Does this seem reasonable and is there something I should keep in mind besides the obvious safety precautions like glasses and somewhere to dispose of cells incase they short out?

I’ve been searching for specifics about this on various forums but I can’t seem to find anything so I figured I’d make a post here.

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum, @StupidQuestions. Before you go ripping off nickel strips, you could always double or triple them up to add more current capacity. If you do decide to rip nickel strips and start over, just be careful, and check if there is an instructional video for that too. Its bound to leave some metal behind on the battery ends.

Thank you! Unfortunately the strip I’ve used is 30mm long pieces so the paralell connections are made up of 2 strips where they overlap ontop of the middle cell in each paralell group and the series connections then added on top of that. So layering more strip is unfortunately not a possibility. I’m supprised I got 3 layers of 0.2mm thick nickel strip to stick at all using a sunkko 737 welder and I doubt the welds are any good tbh.

I cant really find detailed videos on how to disassemble these packs and the videos that do show how to do it usually only focus on the technique of removing the strip itself from the cells and not much else.

But my take away here is to Insulate all cells im not currently working on and to deconstruct the pack as much as possible before removing any of the nickel strip from the cells.

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If I remember correctly, a few people did cut off their strips that way. But I wouldn’t know if its the best way to do it.

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