Removing Shaft Collar from Skateboard motor (63.5mm)

I am doing my first build and purchased a motor that has a shaft collar on it. I removed the hex screw but the thing will not budge. I tried using a large flathead screwdriver and some wd40 with no luck. Do they make a collar puller for these things?


Its called a gear puller, if you are talking about the motor pulley. Mostly you can use heat to loosen it up, should slide right off.

Are they glued on? Is that why you need to heat it up? Should I use a torch?

Thanks for your help Ric

It depends on the manufacturer. For most pre-built boards the motor pulley uses a set screw and is glued with lok-tite or another adhesive. You just remove the set screw then heat up the pulley with a torch, heat gun, whatever will get past a couple of hundred degrees, then pull it off with gloves or pliers.

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I’ll try that when I get home… Im used to working with smaller brushless motors. These are much bigger…

Thanks for your help Ric

No worries, glad to help.

If you post the type of motor, manufacturer, size, etc. you will prolly get some more elaborate answers.

FYI, @joystix2 When posting questions like this, it helps a lot if you post a picture of the item to help us see what your talking about. “A picture is worth a thousand words”

Here’s a picture of the motor. It’s a EMAX GT5325 -11 260kv


Did you get the motor pulley off? Or did I misunderstand and you were trying to remove the snap-ring?

Meaner, not yet. I tried a heat gun but I guess my heat gun wasn’t hot enough. I need to borrow my neighbors torch. The collar is that little cylindrical black thing on the shaft right?

Yep, Ive not seen that before though. How was it mounted?

It had a setscrew which I unscrewed but then I couldnt even pry it off. Do you think a torch might not even work?

I really couldn’t say. I would try a commercial heat gun. Be careful of the motor itself.

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Mmaner, The torch worked. Got it off. I think you were right. The manufacturer must put some sort of glue or loctite on it because I heated it up until I saw a little smoke and with a glove on pulled it off. It slid right off…Thanks for your help. Im excited to get my first build going again


No worries, glad to help.

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you need to add a circle clip or at least a spacer so the motor pulley can hold the can in place. I use a 3d printed spacer. without something the can will push out and you lose torque!!

other then that. emaxx motors have really nice quality.