Removing silicon glue?

Posted in my build, but nobody replied so I just created this new topic. Hope it may help future readers.

Heat the plate little by little till it slides off. Pry it off. Use a solvent that won’t eat @ the enclosure. Take a razor blade/xacto knife and cut the adhesive undet the plate.

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Thanks. Should I heat it with a heat gun? Does silicon melt when heated? Right now I’m trying to pry it with a screw driver but it’s impossible. Didn’t know silicon can adhere metals that strong

Heat gun but try not to heat the enclosure @ the same time. Try and keep the heat directed @ the plate.

The razor blade way will work too. Just side cut it and once you’ve got about half way, you should be able to pry it the rest of the way

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If thats been siliconed on then no amount of heat will get it off without completely destroying the enclosure. You will need to use a flat thin blade and slowly work it under neath until you can get it off. Silicon is a bitch once its cured. Then you will have to scrape the excess off with a sharp box cutter blade. Silicon burns it doesn’t melt but try the heat gun first because it might not be silicon they used.