Repainting the spud

Got inspired by sender to make my spud look more classy… Any thoughts on griptape design? Anyone have a guy who does wooden enclosures lol. 1557776068478974494592


Looks sick, maybe some glass frit?

Never used glass before. I vaguely remember there being a website to get it from… I do live near mexico so glass soda bottles are easy to get. Im just always nervous when using goopy shit like that polyurethane spar stuff

Any tutorials you recommend?

Great topic right here


@Sender is it possible to skin enclosures in fabric?

This wood look great on a @bigben spud enclosure


Nvm. I didn’t read *

If you were cool and on the esk8 news I did a write up about it explaining the steps. It also depends on if you want color or clear. I redid a spud for @Jc06505n


Fabric is pretty tricky on enclosures… the mesh of the composite materials moves to accomodate the shape of the enclosure while fabric does not behave the same way.

I think im getting a hang of this glass frit thing. So i used a greenwine bottle for my classy cherry oak spud and so far so good. I used two coats of water based polyurethane and addrd the frit after the third coat. Currently on coat four (second cost after glass). image image image image i used golf tees to hold the board off the floor since i coated Both sides before adding glass