Repair service UK (Manchester)?

Hi, I’m a (non electric) skater who has been given a Lou Board 1.0 which “just stopped working” I couldn’t see anything visibly wrong with it but don’t know much about electric boards. In the process of charging the board and remote, the usb input of the remote fell off. It’s way too tiny for me to solder back on (and I don’t even know if that was the problem to begin with) so before i go an buy a new controller is there any such thing as a repair service in the the UK (around Manchester) where someone could take a look at it?

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can you give more info? do both the board and remotes still turn on? do they pair to eachother at all? have you ridden in rain or dropped the board

Hi, i’ve never actually ridden the board. the board charges, I had a look at the insides and its all clean and doesn’t look like anything has been wet, dirty, or melted. The controller is definitely broke now though. I had an attempt at soldering the tiny usb input and can safely say i’ve melted the route of the remote circuit board. My soldering history is guitar effects pedals where the components are much bigger.

ive actually forgoten the soldering iron on my esc a few times and it surprisingly still worked, anyway if you are positive that the remote is broke i recommand buying a new one and pairing it, you dont want to use a half broken one and end up with no brakes

OK. Whats my best choice for a cheap remote which is compatible? There’s no such thing as a universal remote is there? I’m mean, when i get a new remote how would i know the difference between a remote which doesn’t work with my board and one which does work but the board itself is broke?

you have a lou 1.0 board, so then you go on lou website and buy a remote for that board lol, if it was diy you would have had some more options but not with that pre built, i have no idea if your board is broke as well but if it is then its most likely the esc, in which case since i dont think lou sells esc you would have to buy one from someone else, a basic dual hub esc from diyeboards could be used it fits inside ur board and u know the battery voltage, it comes with a remote aswell, you didnt say whether the board itself starts or not and if it doesnt then it could also be the xt60 connector not plugged all the way in or a damaged power button

edit: after googling it its apparently a single hub motor board so you can get cheapest single esc w/ remote for like 50$, but i wouldnt invest much more than that for a low spec board like lou which has no future upgradability

ok, cheers for the info.

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What esc is it?

Any remote without a receiver on amazon. 20usd. Easy to pair.

lou has its own software, its probably not gonna pair

I might try and buy an ESC from ebay then. Something like this…

36V Electric Skateboard Longboards Single Drive ESC Substitute Control Mainboard**

Specifications: Single Motor Drive ESC: Rated Voltage: 36V Current: 12A Power: 430W (36V) Rotate Speed: 3000rpm Max Speed: 35km/h Drive Mode: FOC Sensing Mode: Hall Max Load Bearing: 120kg Protection: Over-voltage, Under-voltage, Overheat, Stall, CW/CCW, Overcurrent, Speed Control

Package List: 1 * Control 1 * Remote Control Transmitter 1 * LED Battery Indicator 1 * Switch 1 * USB cable

I bet 3 dollhairs it will pair.

i would check the battery voltage, they dont work together if its not same voltage

Your a trip homeslice.

Hi, my new ESC kit arrived today but the battery connector on the new ESC is way bigger than on the old circuit board. Probably a stupid question but am i right in thinking i can just unsolder the connector from the old ESC and put it on the new ESC?

FYI There is a ‘SoFlow’ app on the Apple App Store and Google Play that should be able to connect to the Lou board and may help you get it sorted out.

Cheers, i soldered a new battery connector yesterday on and it’s working perfectly now. A few miles cruising round Manchester and i’m no longer an electric skateboard virgin! What a cool little board.

I am Manchester based most of the time, where do you ride in Manchester?

usually around the city centre, been using the board to get to and from work for a few years but covid and home working put a stop to that. I actually miss skateboard commute.

Had any issue with police? I have considered commuting to town too but always wondered about police issues?