(Repaired) VESC causes BMS to shut off randomly

Dual VESC 4.12 have been repaired due to water damage on the MOSFET and DRV.

When the VESC underloaded for a few seconds, the BMS shuts off. But the battery operates normal on other board and on ebike.

The max BMS discharge is 120 amps. So, if I run the BMS bypass. The VESC will work normal for a several seconds or minutes before it spikes and causes receiver loses connection with the remote controller. But the VESC continue to work normally.

Because I coded the Arduino receiver to instantly reboot itself if there is a loss of constant power to the chip. So, I manage to continue without worrying about stopping and resetting.

It happens randomly… Could be the motor? or the components of the VESC itself?

Also, on a 3.3v connection measures about 2.5v-2.7v