Replace Belt Drive Single with Hub

Apologies if this is a stupid question.

I currently have a single belt drive 170kv 1000w 5065 running off a 10s1p 90wh battery. Can I swap out the drive system for a single hub motor? I have a short flat commute so torque is not a big issue, neither is speed.

Short answer yes

Thanks. Looks like DIY have a 75kv model that will suit my battery

You really need to upgrade that battery thoigh

I know, but I’m doing this as an experiment to try to get the smallest lightest commuter board possible, ( after lugging around an evolve GT ). I’m using a Benchwheel Penny board as a basis, and have already swapped to a 30" globe fish tail deck and my old Holey trucks. It currently has everything I need for speed, torque and range. I was going to upgrade the drive train but had a thought to try a hub motor to make it even lighter and more stealth

Just to close this out, I ended up buying a DIY single hub kit and mounting the whole lot on a 30.75" Koston drop through deck.

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