Replace Focbox with FlipSky 4.12

Hi, I have been using Focbox. SInce it is no longer in production, I am looking for replacement. I find Flipsky VESC 4.12 (®-bldc-electronic-speed-controller). Can I use it as a replacement?

Yes, but.

Yes, you can replace one with the other, but the flipsky 4.12 is much less capable than the focbox. Lower current rating, no heat spreader/heat sink, which will mean faster overheating, and only two current shunts instead of three, which makes it less bale to run FOC.

If you want an actual upgrade, I recommend the 6.6 version here.

@MysticalDork: Thank you very much for your replay.Flipsky 4.12 and Flipsky 6.0 configured with the BLDC_Tool software (

vesc tool actually. BLDC tool is an earlier version. But yes, they all work with Vedder’s software.