Replaceable PU 90MM Hubs + Front Truck

One of the hub motors makes some noise when rolling. Because of this, consider this as a sale for a 1x working hub motor with truck, front truck with 90mm wheels, and with another hub motor thrown in for free that technically works but might need servicing or replacing soon.

To me it sounds like it comes from bearing, as the noise changes with the speed. It still works fine, and I was regularly going at 40 km/h on this setup on a 27" board until i removed them. It has the stock bushings, but I found them to be pretty decent with no speed wobble at all at max speed.

One of the motor connectors has been oxidised, so you will need to replace the connector, or solder the motor wires to the ESC wires.

This kit was originally bought from Ownboard, but many other companies use this model and the PU replacement is easy to get. I have installed new Spitfire bearings into the front wheels about 50 miles ago.

I think £40 would be fair for all that’s in the photos. Postage to anywhere in UK should be £6. For other countries comment below and I will check. I am located in East London if anyone can collect.

EDIT: reduced to £35 + postage

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Bump, still available

Reduced to £35 + postage

Can you post a video of the sound of the motor?

I don’t have any spare compatible ESC and battery to plug it into. The board these came off is only board, which I use for commuting. I soldered the new motors directly to ESC, and I added silicone to the enclosure for weather proofing, so saying it would be PITA to test them would be an understatement.

Still available?