Replaced ECS on pre-built board | Hub motor stays powered few seconds after trigger releaseed

Hey everyone. This is my first topic so don’t hate me. I couldn’t find anyone else with this issue

I ride a skatebolt mini eboard (not sure what it’s really called). It has a single 250w hub motor, and 7s1p battery.

Recently I had the board turned off and tried to ride it like a regular skateboard (because I forgot the remote). After that, the board stopped working. So I replaced the ESC. It was a Chinese ESC and I couldn’t fine any identifying codes on it. So I found one on Ali express that looked exactly the same and said it was rated for the components I have.

Well I got it and plugged everything in. I was able to connect the remote the board came with to the ECS (I liked that remote better) and it seemed to work. The wheel responded immediately when I hit the throttle. However… When I let go of the throttle, the wheel stays powered and moving for a few seconds before stopping. I haven’t ridden it yet so idk if this affects the ride. But I know it probably shouldn’t do that. If anyone know what this issue is and how to fix it, I would appreciate it a lot.

This is the ESC I ordered:

This is the board (yes I know it’s “for kids” but I’m 135lbs and the furthest I’ve gone on one ride is half a mile):

Broken ESC :

New ESC: