Replacement belt-motor recommendation?

I need another replacement belt-motor for a Buffalo F1 board. This link is the exact part, but the minimum order is 10 pieces !!

Looking at the specs, is there another motor anyone can recommend as an alternative.


You need only one replacement or you also ready to get two new motors? Do you know the motor size? I couldn’t find it on which you linked. 1200 Watt Sounds like a 50xx size but not sure.

It is a dual motor setup, but only one motor is broken, so I just need a replacement. The link above is the exact motor I need, but I don’t need 10 of them LOL

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a comparable replacement.

Where are you based ?

It’s a 5065 270kv afaik

I am US based.

So could ( this work )

To replace ( this broken one )


I actually have the exact alibaba motor but alas I am in europe

It should work but perhaps find a sealed one?