Replacement wheels

Hi everyone,

Been riding on the Orangatang Kegels (orange) and they’re awesome but I feel like they’re not soft enough. They seem a little tough for the roads round mine.

Any suggestions on alternatives? Something softer and maybe bigger? I love the Evolve F1 wheels but they’re mega money!!!

The 100mm Boa Constrictor wheels are a drop-in replacement for Kegels. The polyurethane quality is very, very high. If you want soft, try the SuperFly wheels. No good wheels are going to be cheap. If they’re cheap, they’re not good.

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Perhaps @JLabs clones? From all accounts they genuinely seem decent.

How much would you be wanting for the old kegels?

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If budget is a SERIOUS concern for you, I have some HEAVILY used soft wheels I could make a deal on, but they are very, very used. But still good.


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Looks like a dog gnawed at that one for a bit :wink:

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LoL they have an estimated 3000 miles on them and there is not really anything wrong with them other than cosmetic. I’m not trying to sell them but I know used SuperFly are hard to come by so I figured if someone needs them super badly and budget is that big of an issue I might be willing to negotiate but I’ll just keep riding them with no problem


I’m too lazy right now or I’d pull out my box. But I have a couple pairs that look the same as yours and still ride awesome. I was just giving ya shit. Lol.


This is my bully. I give her shit too. :slight_smile:


I’ve got a budget of £100 GBP. Ideally wanted to keep the same fitment as the Kegels as the pull is basically brand new. The entire setup has done less than 100 miles so the idea of changing it all isn’t appealing.

@pat.speed I wont be selling the old wheels I’m afraid. Sorry!

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