Replacing bushings on genesis hellfire trucks

Hello, I bought crank fat cones and barrels from riptide thinking they would work perfectly… not so much. The kingpin isnt long enough to get both bushings in and screw the nut on :man_facepalming:

Could this be solved by getting 2 longer kingpins? Or should I just buy more bushings to fit

Your changing the degree of truck if you go with thicker bushings. Its totally up to you what you do though. Either right size bushings or longer kingpin.


blegh, thanks lol

just a regular grade 8 bolt? or…

I’m not sure as far as grade…

@Hummie @longhairedboy Or anyone else that can confirm grade 8 sutible for kingpins.

ive seen people use grade 5 for regular longboarding… I figure some extra “strength” cant hurt

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