Replacing motor mounts


I have a mountainboard, MBS Atom deck, MBS front truck, Trampa rear truck which is the motor truck.

I want to sort a bearing issue with my motors but I notice that some of the screws are too tight, they won’t open and now the screwhead is damaged.

The first issue is ok, I can buy new motors, if the turnigy 6364 213kv motors rust that is a problem for me so I want other motors. The problem though is that my motor mounts which are “Scramboards” motor mounts have the same issue, the screws won’t open and if this is such a flaw I want different motor mounts that don’t use the grub screws. I can not get the motor mounts off the truck.

I am looking at other trucks that don’t use the circular part and use just one big grub screw to hold them.

Would these fit Trampa trucks, my trucks are Trampa standard trucks, I will show an image of the truck if it helps?

What do you guys think of these trucks?

Thank you!