Replacing remote on Evolve GT board

I’d like to replace the Evolve remote with a 2.4ghz remote.

Has anyone done this?

why? Having drop outs?

Once in a while I have drop outs and slow response, I’m wondering if a new transmiter could fix these issues

Isn’t it a Bluetooth remote? At least I assumed that since it had a live data display.

it is and it does. I haven’t had drop outs with mine, have had slow acceleration where, if I back of the throttle and go again, it rights itself. The display is awesome. Shows speed, and also shows battery voltage down to the individual cell and distance travelled. I use the battery voltage more than the guestimated % left of the battery.

its actually using nrf24 modules.

I wonder if the ESC on the Evolve GT board has the same input to fit a 2.4ghz receiver as this:

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pretty sure the rx will be integrated on the same pcb as the escs… it could be done if they are using a ppm/pwm signal. but I doubt it!

I just purchased my mini remote.

Hope it can fit it there, that’s the only thing I don’t like about my Evolve

@Eboosted were you able to replace your remote on evolve? I’m planning to replace my friend’s evolve gen1 with a benchwheel or other alternatives.