Reputable BMS vendor (aprox. 12s 80A) in Europe

As we all know, import taxes from outside of the EU are darn expensive: 20% of the value of the item + €20 administration cost.

I’ve been looking for a 18650 vendor (but I think I’ve found one and a BMS vendor that is located in the EU, as I’m looking into making a 12s3p pack for a dual hub setup (pff this hobby is starting to get expensive :p). Sadly I can’t find any

Anyone with any tips?


Maybe this helps: there are some links in it

Batterysupports ebay shop. They ship as “samples of PCB” with a stated value of 25 EUR which is below the value you have to pay VAT as a private person.

And for batteries i use

They ship from germany, are really fast (1 Working day in germany) and none of approx. 200 cells i bought from them were faulty.

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Great tip, thanks!!

Here a battery pack builder: