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Reputable seller of VESCs?

Is there a consensus on which company makes the best VESC? I’ve spent the last couple months trying to get my money back from Enertion after being pretty thoroughly ripped off, so I’m a bit out of the loop as far as VESCs go.

Ollin boards seems to offer very high quality VESCs and stands by his work. @chaka on this forum. @onloop on here is Jason from enertion, he seems to back his stuff too. You might want to shoot him a message, I bet he’ll try to resolve your issue.

I’m also offering VESC as well. However, it’s backordered for now.

15mm wheel pulley still on the way?

Don’t forget about @elkick, he produces a solid unit too. If you are in the EU he would be a good choice.

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Chaka are you sold out as well?

I can usually get orders out in a few days. We had some teething issues awhile back that created a backlog of orders but we are scheduled to be clear of it by the end of the week. Once the backlog is clear I’ll be able to ship same day!


Good to hear. I’ll be in touch tomorrow.

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How did i rip you off?

I’ll have to look into chaka, it seems like he’s pretty well respected here. I will most certainly not be doing business with onloop again though, it took threatening to get my credit card issuer involved to get actual support for the broken parts he sent me.

I think I’ll be in touch once I get my refund from enertion.

@dacc34 I take customer service extremely seriously, I would love to help you but I will need some more info… do you have an order number?

Maybe I can help speed the process up.

I assume you are talking about electronics,

  1. You purchased something that had a manufacturing fault, so you can have a repair, refund or replacement. (if its electronics you get a 60-day warranty so you must submit RA in that time)
  2. You bought something that you have modified or altered in some way and now it doesn’t work. In this case, you don’t get a refund replacement or repair.

If your issue doesn’t fall into one of these categories please let me know.

it’s coming from this thread…

I have already submitted my refund request and sent the parts back. I talked with you about this through the Enertion support account here. You spent two months telling me you were sending a replacement part and never actually sent it. It took me threatening to get visa involved for you to actually do anything about it. You obviously do not take customer support seriously at all.

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Well, i had to wait over a month on my missing belts. But hey, they did arrive here. It just took some time because @onloop is quite buisy as one man shop and a three days week.
For me it seems as he is taking costumer service really serious.

Theres a VESC shortage atm, if theres no production theres no replacement. At least @onloop tried his best to get new batch of VESC. Just need to wait. For me VESC is one part of electric longboard that literally takes months to arrive.

Oh wow, I totally forgot I had posted there too. Should probably give them an update over there too.

Hmm, I do remember seeing that thread. Seems out of line to go and bash him publicly pretty consistently after it all was worked out. I can understand the frustration though after waiting a long time, receiving broken parts and then not getting the help you’d expect if you didn’t know he was a one man show going into the deal. Also, and I don’t want to get too off track here, but when I read that post on endless I really wanted to say how ridiculous it is that the people commenting there seem to think that not receiving the product at all is the only reason or justification behind a credit charge back. I have used them multiple times when I simply wasn’t receiving any customer service responses and had problems with a product I received and wished to return for a refund. It is basically just a tool for consumers to keep companies honest and providing good customer support. In some cases ( maybe this one included, Idk) it is unwarranted, but usually like this incident all it takes is the threat of a charge back and all of a sudden there’s the support you were looking for. Nothing fraudulent about it, and no need to lie about not getting the product if it’s just a poor customer support issue.