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Hello how are you? I am about to change my Boosted DIY for an Exway x1 and I would like to ask you about the store

I am from Argentina and it is difficult to trust stores being so far away. That’s why I ask those who know if it’s a good store to trust my money?

P.D: Buy in MBoards (without having previously looked at his reputation :disappointed_relieved:) and he did not send me anything yet. I’m in talks with Mike to get my money back. That’s why I’m putting together this thread to prevent something similar from happening. Previously 2 years ago I had bought my parts in and I had no problems!

I bought two motors from them last year. Communication was good and shipping fast. Later hat issues with the motors but that wasn’t the shops fault.

I think also other people from here (especially German) have ordered from them as well already.

If you not sure about shops it always can help to have a look first here:


I spent 300€ there last month. About 15 different items. I asked some local forum members about the store and got a green light. I emailed the store before making the purchase. All products was sent the same day. Everything was as expected. Good communication. Based on my experience I would say they are trustworthy.

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Then I will surely choose that store to make my purchase. Thanks for your answer!


Perfect, I’ll look at that thread. Thanks for your answer!

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