Reshape a MBS Comp 95

Hello guys

I am considering reshaping the Comp 95 from MBS (basically removing some material from the tail and nose)


  • Does any of you have done this type of modification on an MBS deck? I have seen some discussion mentioning this type of mods (Black Sheep from @TheMrLarin for example) but no picture or feedback about the result
  • Do you think this will affect deck integrity and create weaknesses? @MBS ?

I also need to remove the graphics anyway so sand out this deck completely as the design does not suit my taste (nothing wrong about it, just not my personal taste :slight_smile: ) and I would like a black setup with black rubber coating on the board.

thanks for the tips and feedbacks?


I think I have seen @Nowind did cut one in similar shape. Maybe he can tell you how it performed after.


Yes, it is here, (I think regarding the skill experience of Nowind or Duffman, if it doesn’t break after madness ride, so it is OK ^^ !

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Should be no problem with respect to deck integrity. Those red areas aren’t doing a whole lot. With that said, any deck modification technically voids warranty, but if the warranty isn’t actually related to the modification then we’d obviously be flexible on that.


@MBS thanks for you answer really appreciate I will proceed with my modification then

I haven’t made the cut yet, I created a template and I’ve drawn the line on the board but I did not commit to it. When i finished sanding it the end result was good looking enough so I just left it like that with some clear grip tape under the bindings. To remove the decals the best way I’ve found was to peel off the thick first layer and then use a dual action sander to remove the rest. It required quite a lot of effort but it’s worth it.

For rubber coating you’ve probably tough about plasti-dip. In Qc there is protect-dip available in every Canadian tire. It’s cheaper and it works great

Following @benjammin’s lead, I did a minimalist cut to allow clearance for belt drive originally, but it works with the E-Toxx gear drive as well. I don’t think you need much more than this, but what @nowind did is pretty awesome. 20190414_152254 20190414_152304

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Thanks! When you say peel off what did you use?

For the coating I was looking at the one from M3 as it is cheap and efficient but I will look at plasti-dip then … And proceed with the cut and Sanding And hit me up when you are avaliable we could go ride together!

I really like the carbon fiber on the deck, is it a vinyl on top of the graphics or its an actual carbon fiber sheet and did the Sanding before?

It’s just some 4D carbon fauxber vinyl from eBay. I wasn’t a fan of the brown graphic on top and don’t have the time to do it the right way with real CF. I’d love to see you do it though!

For the peel off I just cut the plastic coating with a utility knife and bit by bit removed it… maybe I have some pictures in my old phone. I’ll check if I find some.

did you try to sand first or is peeling off the only solution?

@MBS what would you recommend in order to remove the graphics from the board?

You could sand with like 60 grit to start off and get the first layer and then move to finer grits but you will go through a lot of sand paper. You could try acetone on a small corner to see what it does. If the acetone reacts with the top layer you can then scrape it off afterwards. There is also paint stripper that could be worth a try.

I think sanding is pretty much the only option.


FYI, I created a thread for my build and the actual reshape here: