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Don’t worry. It will.[quote=“pehra564, post:1, topic:27575”] 36V 37V 42V 10S 45A Lithium ion Li-ion Li-Po LiPo Polymer Battery BMS PCB System… [/quote]

Go with this one.

Im not sure how I feel about this charger. It says 36v, not 42. Find a 42v 2A laptop charger for cheap on eBay.

Yes… but almost certainly not nessecary. Unless you plan on going for a 40 mile ride, you don’t need this. 10s4p will be good.

As for your diagram… a few problems. First, please label P- and B- on your BMS so we can know if you are doing it right. Also, Im not sure what charge display you are using but most voltmeters only attach to one + and one -. Not 2. Also better make that “xt90 switch” into an “XT90-S switch”.

No, not quite low enough.

Uhhhh I’m almost certain this won’t work but who knows, maybe do it for science :wink:.


Xt90s are anti spark plugs compatible with xt90 connectors

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Your understanding of batteries and how they work needs some work so I think u should read some more but to answer ur original question that setup should work

Edit ur motor pulley teeth are too high

Search is your friend friend

You know u can’t just weld the motorti the truck and go right?

Best of luck