[resolved] Problem installing enertion pulley - Received 100% Credit as compensation

So I’ve been backordered for almost two months with @onloop and really need to cancel my vesc order with him. I’m very tight on cash and need a working board asap to get to and from work, since Im working 12 hours a day and don’t have time to wait for the bus, don’t have money for a car, and can’t afford having a third bike get stolen this year. Jason wants to charge a 20% restocking fee on an item he doesn’t even have in stock! Thats pathetic! Is $20 really worth it, Jason? Why is it necessary? Why is Enertions customer service so consistently horrible? This is the second time I’ve had an issue, the first being my drive wheel pulley arriving with some scratched and slightly frayed teeth, ALSO the misleading “trucks may need modification” when ALL trucks on the market except for yours REQUIRE modification to use your pulley. I sent in pictures of the questionable condition of the pulley and STILL wasn’t offered an actual refund. Now I’m trying to cancel the vesc to buy from another supplier whose guaranteeing me a 2-week delivery, and I have to pay a $20 restocking fee for an item that is not even in stock. How do you justify buying from enertion? There’s nothing they supply that you can’t get elsewhere for similar or better quality without the scummy customer service.

@onloop maybe you should have a look at this.

This isn’t spamming! I revised a post that broke forum rules.

I removed some of the condecending remarks. Please don’t censor this post, I think it is important for people to have a honest look Enertions customer service. Enertion is hyped up so much on Jason’s forum here, I’m sharing my terrible experience with his company the same way people would over Walmart or Target products.

I am glad that you did that and that is why I haven’t closed the thread. I have also tagged onloop so he can fix your concerns. You’re right, it isn’t spamming but you should’ve PMd me before you made another post. Your other one wasn’t approporiate and that isn’t the way we treat people on this forum.

I apologize for the profanity, I was super upset that I’ve now basically been cheated out of almost $100 with this company. I’ll make a point to be civil from here on out. Thanks for tagging him!

Your vesc order has been refunded 100%

Is this the same Mike holland that complained his pulley was dusty/dirty & complained because you didn’t see our notes & videos & forum topics discussing the need to modify the trucks?

We gave you 100% credit on that purchase too, Also you still have the pulley.

No problem.

Yes it is! Thank you for the full refund, I really hope the best for your business, Jason! You have to understand how insanely misleading and deceiving your description of “trucks may need modification” is, when you could instead have put “non-extended enertion trucks will require modification”. Thanks again

The problem is Mike that some people expect everything delivered on a silver platter… People forget this is a forum about building electric skateboards… DIY… Enertion sells parts so people can make their own electric skateboards… sometimes folks need to pick up the tools and get dirty… my products will never be completely universal for all situations.

It seems lately the DIY spirit is being lost & people find it easier to cry

If you want me to build you and electric skateboard buy a raptor.

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I don’t understand this Jason, you know nothing about me, nor do I know anything about you. To make this kind of condescending judgement is shallow, shortsighted, and completely lacking any foundation. Whether you meant to do it or not, you mislead a customer (and probably more to come as the community grows and more newbies start buying parts from the cool brands) and instead of owning up and admitting that you could’ve been explicitly clear and in 5 words could’ve accomplished what all of the associated vidoes and forums communicated regarding your product. The fact that you’re choosing to not be explicit and deflecting any fault makes me way more inclined to believe that you’re willing to practice in ill-intent for the sake of greed and money.

I don’t expect anything on a silver platter, I just don’t expect people to be so shallow and short-sighted, especially when running a business in a young and budding industry. 2 years ago I was living in the ghetto in Tampa with my best friend, biking 17 miles one way to work, working construciton for 10 hours a day, 11 days in a row (3 days off) for 8 months for $8/hr to start paving the path to get to where I’m going today. I still have some major obstacles to overcome, hence working two totally not glamorous jobs in high-end retail to help pay my own way through college and maybe own a place of my own.

whats your story jason? where does all of this shadiness and attitude stem from?

I get the feeling that most problems people complain about could have easily been avoided by them doing actual research or posting a question here before buying.

However what I don’t like is that he now gets a different treatment (100% refund, no restocking fee) just because he complained on this forum. That seems unfair to people that stay quiet and believe what support staff is telling them to be final. It actually encourages this type of posts, that only serve the purpose of generating a public outcry for the sake of getting what they wanted.


That doesn’t make any of his business policies any less shady. Maybe I’ll just see my way out of the forum

I don’t see the shady business practice you are talking about. “trucks may need modification” is a correct description - it is your job to make sure whether you have one of the trucks that need modification or not. There have been videos online of people showing how they do it with a Dremel. Some slight scratches on a plastic pulley should also not be too much of a problem - you are using it to drive a belt that will be constantly rubbing on it anyway so after one ride you would probably not be able to tell a difference to one that was smooth in the beginning. As long as it was in a working condition this should not be a problem. Restocking fees are also a widely used business practice for small companies so I don’t see it there either.

it’s totally misleading. Trucks will require modification in 99.99% of situations. why couldn’t he just say something along the lines of “non-custom enertion trucks will require minor modification”. He’s trying to run a serious business, shouldn’t he not be relying on youtube videos or a completely separate forum to explain what he could explain in ONE sentence on the product page and eliminate any chance of a bad experience?

You should see if they’re hiring customer service reps, much better than “it’s gonna get dirty anyways…”

The reason the restocking fee pissed me off was because the product is not even in stock. It’s not like he had to open a returned package, inspect it for damages or flaws, log it into inventory control…I gladly paid hobbykings restocking fee because I decided to upgrade batteries after opening mine and realizing I should’ve spent more on higher quality packs. 100% my fault, no problems.

No, it isnt. He could write something else, yes. But i can tell from experience there are always people who are not able to use their brain. I bet if he wrote it like that and you had found another already modified truck for cheaper than his, you would have been one of the first screaming that jason tries to force you to buy his truck.


The 20% restocking fee is written in our T&C’s to protect us against loss, it may be enforced for some preorder / built-to-order products that we are in the process of assembling &/or have ordered parts for, etc Like raptors, as we take heaps of parts off the shelf to build people these products… those parts can’t really be sold separately afterwards.

At the moment I am training new staff to help me with the inbound tickets, sometimes they get things wrong or apply our rules in a way that is not in our or customers best interest… in this case i fixed the problem by doing the refund for him…


Well if it was just a new employee mixing something up then it is obviously not a big deal. I was under the impression that he was in fact treated differently just because of his post - that I would have not liked. Kudos for fixing and clarifying :thumbsup:

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normally when people carry on like complete dicks on the public forum specifically trying to shame me & my business my first instinct is to actually treat them less favourably! why reward them?

In the end, my judgement gets the better of me and i end up treating them as i would treat any respectable member of the community who is reasonable and deals with me without screaming.

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I need to rant


I think you saw my post on the 55in longboard…in that picture are purple trucks with @onloop’s pulley.

:point_up_2:t2: Took me less than 5 minutes…Measured the width of a bearing, marked it with a sharpie…and just dremeled it off…took a pair of pliers and took off the nub…

First time ever installing that pulley…it nothing to get freaked out about…

“Truck modification might be required” … Did you do any research into this after you saw this? Or did you just ignore it and order it anyway and cross your fingers it will fit?

I’m curious … I took at your pulley thread …you complain abt the condition of it…why didn’t you post photos of it for us to see? Or did I miss it? I mean…it was the center of the issue…you make it seem un-useable…is it in-useable?

And the VESC issue…I can see your point about not having it and being charged and re-stocking fee…that isn’t good…and the other issue, about how long the back orders are…that sucks as well…But…VESCs are in short supply…you ain’t the only one on that boat…and if anything those issues are almost common knowledge in this circle…

Unfortunately, waiting is part of this particular DIY experience…At times we are dealing with smaller companies…maybe even home based businesses…Even big businesses make us wait…Ill give you an example: Hobby King … Go buy a 63mm motor that’s above 149kv…You can’t …

I think you’re upset that you aren’t getting your stuff now👇🏻 Like it should been here yesterday and because you don’t want to take the bus anymore…all valid reasons for wanting an electric skateboard…but it takes time sometimes…no one tells you that when you start doing this that you have to wait sometimes…It’s funny…I got asked this yesterday :point_down:t2:

It’s the nature of the beast…

Another sort of rant…

Everyone seem to be pissing and moaning abt his customer service…All these noobs think @onloop freaking Amazon or some shit…PEOPLE! Heads up! his office is essentially his garage…(Go watch his Vlogs) He’s a SMALL business owner…in Australia…Dealing with OUR known universe…that’s a lot of noobs and shitty people to deal with (let’s be frank)… Oh soooo easy for the “armchair business owners” out there (you know who you are) saying …“just hire more people”…“oh…that’s so rude and unprofessional”…my fave are the ones that say, “I’ve built many companies…and IMO…blah blah blah” … How abt we give this dude a little fooking slack…I think places like Amazon and the Internet in general have SPOILED every single one of us.l…We are applying the same standards to Enertion that we would with a much bigger company …you can’t …and if he wants to bend his rules to disconnect with a customer by providing a refund outside policy…so be it…and to those that feel cheated, and to think that’s UnFAIR…I say to you tough shit…his house, his rules … He sorted it out…everyone walked away whole…

This is a world of “INSTANT GRATIFICATION” and you know it…go look at all your posts @itsmikeholland… I can actually see the urgency that you have…in time and money $…Dude…again … You are not the only one…You haven’t been singled out to have an aweful experience…your lack of patience and money have made it sour…

lol I’ve become that guy…sorry for the rant… Just getting tired of watching all these “squeaky wheels” rolling around here lately Sorry dude it’s what I see