Retired Esk8 Decks & Parts

Hello DIYers,

I did not find a thread on your retired esk8 decks or parts to share with the world. Post a picture of your retired esk8 deck/part and explain why it’s now retired.

For me, I attempted to force things that didn’t always work. I learned the hard way.


This was my college board that was retired but it came out of retirement for esk8. However, the loaded dervish type 2 did not work out. It was too flexy for me and the battery underneath.

The Loaded Dervish type 2 is retired foe good this time on my wall next to my painted abalone😂

image image

I found an old raptor 1 board and enterion trucks on this forum and had this grandeur idea to revitalize raptor 1. It’s not going to happen as it is a relic and I have too many other fun projects. Retired!


I broke three remotes in the last 3 weeks. Wtf? These bad boys will probaly retire in the garbage for good.

image image image

My 12s4p took a dump after a year of hard testing. It was a lot of fun with this badass battery. The switch doesn’t work nor charge port, however if you spin the wheels you can see the screen light up. What to do? Retire or can this facker be revitalized?


Raptor I :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

More likely than not it can be fixed… open it up and post pictures, I’m sure you’ll get helpful suggestions.

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@anorak234 thanks for that!

I was just looking at those topics. I am going to test voltage of charger, try a different charger, then start to test p groups etc. I hopeBMS is the reason it won’t let me charge and batteries are in decent shape! Will post pics.

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Hey don’t you prefer putting these retired veterans into the hands of someone who will put them back at war ?

Somehow it gives me a similar feeling to when I see appealing cars being put out of the road. Whatever the reason : cars are meant to hit the road or the track.


A different charger is working… my 4a charger did not work…

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That’s a great question.

In the case of the loaded dervish flex 2, it could work for a lighter person but so much flex, you need a flexible battery.

Raptor 1 is cool to remake but fully CF is rigid. It’s part of the past, not future.

If someone was passionate about building it, I would let it go.

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Ha it’s too bad I’m in EU, would take the pill on the R1. I might be too heavy for the Dervish flex 2.

I’ll let the topic go back on its original track haha

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