Reusing laptop batteries?

Hi, I was wondering, is it possible to find any good 18650, that are commonly used for skateboards, in laptop batteries? By the commonly used I mean these (maybe some other 18650 possible?) LG HE2 LG HE4 LG HD2 LG HD2C LG HG2 Samsung 25R Samsung 20R

I want to make a 10S4P battery pack for a single 6354 motor, if it were necessary I could also make 10S5P, but I dont really need a pack of that size…

I have already takaen apart 3 packs and I found some LG and pannasonic cells, which are rated just for 6A continous…

6a per cell is much too low. Your battery pack would have to be a min of 100 cells. And that would not even be a very good battery.

I know, thats why I am asking if the different cells with high discharge can be found in laptop batteries?

It’s highly unlikely

Where are these high drain batteries used except vaping, ebikes, eskateboards?

LG HE2 LG HE4 LG HG2 Samsung 25R Samsung 30Q

25R is most popular so far but 30Q is new kid in block.

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Ok, I know these cells, but my question was if i can find them in laptop batteries? The answer is no, so I am asking if they are commonly used in any different devices except eskateboard, vapes and ebikes…

Battery pack for cordless drill

Oh i see. I have no idea except power tools. this guy is someone who does reuse laptop batteries. He also has a vw bus.

in powerwalls and e-cars like you linked you use 30+ p-groups. it´s a totally different story than the 3-5p most of us use in our esk8. if you use 6A cells form your laptop you can also build a 10p pack and have a 60A pack (not saying you should do!). It´s just huge to compare with new cells samsung 30Q you can get the same with a 3p only. in a 10S config that would be 70 cells more for the same output current if you use laptop cells.


I think your missing the point. This guy does power walls, solar generators, electric skateboards, and cars. Check out his channel if you are thinking about using old laptop batteries.

You don’t get it right? I know this guy and I know what he’s doing… Power walls are way bigger than our boards, the same with car batteries. For this he use multiple times more p-groups than we. Watch his video about the Esk8 he build… In it he use new cells by the way :wink:

4 Likes that is an e-skateboard. Not a power wall or batteries for a bus.

do you have any idea which cells he use? as i assume you know a lot about batteries, means you also understood that the batteries he linked, not the batteries he use in his video. green black cells could be Panasonic, but I don´t know for sure. Maybe you can tell me! Maybe this one? If yes, than look at the discharge rating. It´s a 10A cell. That makes 40A in total or 10A for each motor. So that´s all you get out of the pack. If that´s enough for you… :man_shrugging: Everybody is free in his choice.

PS: the cells he linked are SANYO 18650 2200MAH UR18650F rated to 5A … in a 4P config that´s in total 20A or 5A for each motor…

PPS: the guy with the Baja in the video is a fu***** a** … he tried to tell wrong stories about @kaly and his work, just because he didn´t want to sponsor his videos and I highly doubt that he has the eggs to drive 55mph on the baja… Just needed to be said to complete this topic.


i have these cells in a 4p pack, theyre a decent budget cell… and can run at 15a some say… in 10s they were decent but may up the pack to 12s and see how it compares to my 12s 30q… for the price not bad…definitely good enough for my ebike

@accrobrandon In comparison to a 190 kv motor on a e skateboard would the ebike use more power?

I wouldn’t use them as the main battery, more like as a charger while riding. There you don’t need the high current draw and such cell would suit well.

I doubt it since most ebike are limited to 1000w unless custom made with beefy motors

i think my ebike uses my power actually… its a 500w hub and i have a 10s6p brick with PF cells… i get a solid 15mi maybe 20 and this is on my delivery bike in NYC… im like 140lbs and the bike has to be around 80lbs give or take all weighted down…

on the 4p pack i was using i was getting comparable mileage on a dual 6355 190kv at 18/36 on 97s… i like to ride semi aggressive…