Reverse mountable motor mounts

There seems to be a few motor mounts on the market but are any of them reverse mountable so the motors hang out the back of the board.

torque boards mounts are reversible looks reversable to me

Mine are reversible…almost done with my v2 update :slight_smile:

I’m not sure those meet the base requirement to be called motor mounts :grinning:

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hey, if loctite doesn’t keep em on then go get it welded. I’ve read surprisingly good reviews, no need to spend an arm an a leg if it gets the job done

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I won’t argue that. I just don’t ‘think’ they will handle the long-term stresses of hard riding. The appear very brittle to me.

Those for 10$ on bangood are reversable

You mean like this!?

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Yes like that

For more details of this mount, here is the link:

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how do you turn dude?

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Just to demonstrate dual 6374s can be mounted on TB218mm, the actual setup would have a longer arms to clear the deck for turning.

ahh yeh it indeed would thank you for explaining I imagined you were just steering with the front which wouldn’t be ideal, looks cool!

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you only need one set of trucks to turn, learn to turn with just the front :stuck_out_tongue:

These mounts are reversable and can be set at any angle you like


@marcmt88 what size motors are those?

It’s a TB218 truck with two HobbyKing SK3 6374 motors… which really are 63*86mm external dims


Do you have a link for these? I’ve only found ones for Paris trucks