Reverse mounted deck... this is interesting

I have just received a custom longboard deck and it has a very slight taco concave. In a hurry and half paying attention, I mounted the trucks on the topside of the deck instead of the bottom. Surprisingly it seems like it would be comfortable. I also plan to use bindings so the slightly higher center would be an advantage to the shape of my foot. Does anyone have any reasons why this is a bad idea?

Whaaaaat? Pictures please

Give me just a minute to finish mounting the trucks.

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The concave increases your leverage over the trucks and improves turning. Depending on the deck, it can also increase wheel clearance. A convex board is going to be worse than a flat board…

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I’m modifying this deck for 8" pneumatics, so wheel bite is a current issue regardless. Do angled wedges provide any help in combating wheel bite?

It’s not that concave so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. Try it! The only reason I wouldn’t do it is because you use the raised edge of a longboard for leverage while turning. Upside down won’t just be “the absence of edge” It will be progressively worse.

I don’t think the missing edge will be as much of an issue with bindings though. I may be completely wrong!

Can I have some of what you are smoking @flywithgriff? :herb: Because you are flying… high

seriously though dude, i’d flip it :sunglasses:

you will increase the pressure your bindings need. putting your feet to sleep/ numb is a real thing


haha nothing but a bit of innovative thinking. I hate just going with the crowd because everyone else has always done it a certain way.


Never hurt to try something even if the math tells you otherwise! Sometimes the math is wrong. :grin: Reminds me of this:

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Run with it! Report back

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Surely that’s upside down . . . Right? Am I missing something? :confused:

The original post?:slight_smile:

Haha yea it was a mistake that sparked an idea.

Doh! Sorry I didn’t try that bit! :confused:

There is nothing inherently wrong or bad about having camber instead of rocker, or convex instead of concave. Turner Summer Skis were ridden to the podium on many occasions and they have both. Since wheelbite doesn’t seem to be an issue with the cutaway deck shape, the only real question is whether or not it “feels good” and “functions well” when carving and cruising. If your feet aren’t sliding off in the turns, I don’t see a problem.