Review - Bajaboard GX4 Model 2017 - Why the Bajaboard is not made for offroad

yeah i had a go on one a few weeks ago. as cool as they are, they just have far too many points of failure. Also, for a “mountain board”, once you stand on the board, 100mm of clearance really isn’t enough. Yeah they drive really well but like i said and like this post confirms, there’s just too many points of failure


Building a board like a reduced scaled car is a planned failure : micro mechanic is good for watches not for boards!

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seem the build quality has gotten worse, my first batch GX3 has none of those issues, I must have done 5k miles on it, I do follow the manual on maintenance - was the board ‘loved’ or abused before you got it? I do wonder if the original owner actually looked after this board at all.

I’ve not had any problems with the drive train at all, never needed to adjust the motors (other than to remove to fit belt - serious pain IMO)

i have to say the quality from g3 to g4 seems really bad… I would be very hesitant to buy a g5 model based on what I’ve seen here, thanks for the write up I think you saved me some future disappointment - I’ve tried to wreck my g3 since i was trying to justify an upgraded version (before I got into DIY) sounds like I could destroy a g4 in a couple of weeks :frowning:

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Crazy to hear that your board made that much miles without those issues. The board was used, offroad and onroad. This board is called by bajaboard “off-road beast”. So it has to last longer than 8 rides without beeing fully worn out…

In your case I would just change the electronics like battery and esc´s on your gx3 and you will have the best offroadmonsterboard.


I’m tempted to mod the motor mounts to see if I can fit something bigger, I would love to fit 4x 80100’s - already have 4xFoxBoxes for my baja mod :slight_smile:


Hi Srapy,

This is Alessandro from BajaBoard. First I would like to thank you for your detailed review and everyone else for their comments from the BajaBoard team. We absolutely take these criticisms constructively, and in fact, between your 2017 model and the latest version, we have changed quite a few things.

Many of these we haven’t mentioned in the public arena, because they aren’t as notable as range or speed improvements, but I’ll list a few below as this is probably the most appropriate forum.


  1. Our motor in 2017 had custom built-on motor plates. New motors are now more standard, and mount onto a separate motor plate with 4 x threadlocked screws. The 6 little screws can’t impinge on the pulley anymore, also suitable for mounting a standard 63mm motor, this motor plate also reduce the risk of the motor shaft circle clip (lock ring as you called) to come loose too.


  1. We have been trialing the different kinds of bushings for the wishbones. This is one of the ones we’ve been trialing, which looks pretty close to your suggestion.

  2. We have already changed the pin of the outer driveshaft with one that has a slot in the middle so the grub screws can go inside the slot and hold better the pin to come loose.

  3. Battery and BMS have been changed with a more performance and long lasting pack. Battery you have would’ve been an 8S Li-NMC pouch cell set up. Our latest is now using Samsung 30Q, in 10S config. Right now we are also field testing with the Sanyo 20700B, which is getting good range for the 2WD version.


  1. Cable management did leave much to be desired in 2017. In the latest model, everything is a lot tidier inside with mounting brackets to the side. We also did find that in the 2017 boards, some of the connectors could come loose because of the cable layout. Happy to say that’s all been addressed now.


  1. The outdrive has now a slot where we can add a zip tie or retaining ring to keep the boots in place.


  1. We changed belt suppliers to a better brand. Also going to be switching over to Kevlar reinforced belts in 2019. Also working on an underside bash plate, so the belts won’t be fully enclosed, but they will soon be a lot more protected.

  2. We have revamped our choice about all the joints and bearings, increasing cost on our end, and for an example, all the ball joints are made in Japan.

  3. Range depends a lot on different factors such as terrain, temperature, weight, riding style, alignment of the wheels, pressure of the tires so it’s hard to comment on your range but as first tip here is to make sure the tires are pump at 45psi. About the range of our latest boards, in addition to the change in battery, if everything is set up as it should now we can actually achieve 30km+ in real life with the G4X, and 40km+ with the G4.


  1. We are experimenting with different headlight to improve visibility at night. Last year’s light was indeed too spread. Also the lights are now enclosed inside protective casing, insteading of being fully exposed.

  2. Changing the battery pack we have also improved a lot the acceleration of the board from a start thanks to a more power battery pack but also increasing the gear ratio. I will link some video of my instagram account so you can see how it accelerate

I would like to add some improvements that we also made that you haven’t pointed out.

  1. The old paint job used to chip off quite easily, changed the finish, now more resistant to scratches. And for parts that are in the spray path of the tires, like the rear wishbones, we are looking at other methods of surface overlay protection.
  2. All the steel parts have been galvanized apart the drive shaft which is going to be protected in this year production
  3. Improve gasket for water ingress (still not fully waterproof, but a lot better than 2017).

This isn’t a sales pitch just to be sure. Just wanted to acknowledge the criticisms. If you guys have any other suggestions, or questions, please leave them here or just email us.



Welcome Alessandro I was tempted to invite you here to respond :slight_smile: I take it you’d be up for assistanting me with advice here when I ‘pimp my Bajaboard’ :smile:


Hey Alessandro,

Nice response. Glad to see you here on the forums. Where are you guys based?


australia like every other eboard co haha


Awesome to hear another company responding to quality user feedback on our forum. Respect for you, keep it up!


After a long time with no communication I am glad to announce contact has been restored and they have offered me a full deposit refund due to the time involved. This is great customer service and has restored my faith in the company. Great to see them coming in here to address issues in production. Seriously a great bunch of guys which is why i was initially surprised with the lack of communication. Welcome @BajaAle and thankyou for the refund.


Happy to help you pimping your board! :wink:


We are based in Melbourne, Australia. Happy to let anyone to come and visit our factory over here

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@BajaAle this has to be the most sexy sound from an eBoard so far !

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Hi everyone,

I am new to this site. I have been researching the Bajaboard since it first came out. I am happy to announce that I bought a 2nd hand 2018 GX4 with 17miles on it. unfortunately the previous owner took a bad spill & the front left wheel has a lot of play on it… need to repair that before attempting speeds above 32mph. Thanks for the great review. I look forward to putting up my posts.

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Srapy, Thanks for this great review… especially on the worn out ball joint. I have the same issue. was is difficult to tap out the pin? I currently don’t have video capability to show what is going on with my board, but I have the same “slop” in the ball joint as in your video,… any tip form you will be welcomed. Thank you… BTW I am in San Jose, CA… I am having a hard time finding fellow Eskate riders.

so glad i decided to do a DIY Trampa over buying a Baja


If you have the right tools its easy, if not, its harder. There are kind of pin pusher tools you have to use just with a hammer. You get those parts you need directly all from bajaboard.

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Hi Srapy,

Sounds like a straight forward project. Thanks.

@ Krazor, I thought about the doing a DIY Trampa, but in the end I couldn’t resist the tech & speed that is in the Bajaboard.

Hi Srapy, it looks like the CV 6001Z bearings have gone bad. One has a lot of “slop” the other corners are in fair condition, but will need replacing in the future. Did you get some replacement bearings from Baja or did you look for upgrades? I just wrote Baja, I hope the bearings are under warranty.

The bearings seem to be pressed fit. any pointers on getting them out? Thanks