Review before ordering, first time builder, dual 6355 and 10s3p

Hi eSk8,

Ive been reading the forums and doing research for a little over two weeks. Ive decided to build a board for daily commuting around Philadelphia. I skateboarded a bit when I was younger, im 30 now with a daily commute around 1.5 miles each way. Would like to use the board for some fun riding longer trips as well. Gotta be portable, but most importantly as my first e-board, stable and resilient to the terrible east coast streets. 165 lb rider

As a first board, the focus is on rideability and stability. Big wheels, longer wheelbase. Doesn’t have to throw me off the board and I wont be doing 27mph anytime soon.

After a bunch of research, heres what Ive got planned

Deck - haven’t chosen a deck yet, thinking 36" drop through. Hopefully its not too big and heavy Wheels- Abec11 97mm - again, for stability Caliper 2 trucks 50* 10" Edit * just purchased the boardnamics mounts x2 for 63mm Dual 6355 170-190 KV motors, likely the ones from TB

For electronics, 10S3P - ordered 30Q Samsung cells Bestech 80 AMP BMS XT90 connectors, 10awg battery to VESC, 12 AWG VESC to motors

Considering the flipsky 4.12 x2 VESC. Wanted your opinions regarding power overload for them. If not, probably FOCBOX or VESC 6. They sound like they all can get me smooth start off performance and the standard features like roll to start etc

From what Ive read and other builds Ive seen, the 10s3p looks like a good option to get me to and from destination on a single charge and then some. Really appreciate any feedback or discussion.

I have a 3d printer, so ill be creating the battery covers and such from ABS and PETG plastic.

Thanks again for your time everyone. Just ordered the 30Q cells, getting excited!


Sounds like a great start to me! Happy building

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Any thoughts on the length, ESCs etc?

Well I could recommend a million upgrades but they’re pricey. It’s a solid build for getting into esk8. I run the focbox unity and the original focboxes have been time tested and are still solid. The unity is only on batch 3 pre orders right now so you’ll be waiting until may or June to receive it most likely. 36" is a good general length. I find it to be a personal preference and ride style that determines deck length. There is a 110 mm wheel out there if you want even bigger. Battery and wiring plan looks solid to me. If you can spring for 10 more cells and go 4p I’d do it. More parallel packs start to relieve your system from higher amp draws.

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Yes the availability of the Focbox has me a little concerned. I just ordered 50 30q cells so I have some options for the pack arrangement. Will have to feel out the Size on the board and the weight. As far as the 4p arrangement, that’s going to reduce voltage sag under heavy loads?

Can the Vesc 4.12/4.2 handle the power from these motors and batteries or do I definitely need to be in the Focbox or Vesc 6 category

Appreciate the input

Vesc 4 will handle 10s fine.

When you wire more parallel groups, they help share the amp draw between all of your parallel packs because each group has to give less energy to the motors at any given time.

It helps spread the love. 10s3p should be fine, just suggesting that if you can spring for 4p, I’d do it.

Less amp draw per pack keeps things cooler and helps mitigate over temp issues. If you don’t have many hills, it’s not as much of an issue.

Sounds very similar to my build. Check it out, maybe you can find some of it useful.

Do you actually know how to build a battery?

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Shit this is what I meant to end my post with. Way to pick up my slack.


  1. Do you have a spot welder?
  2. Have you ever spot welded nickel and battery cells?
  3. If yes to question 1, can you get some dead 18650 cells to practice on?
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Great I’ll take a look at your build! Thanks for the input. And it’ll be a first time for building a pack line this. Have a spot welder and some old 18650s to practice on as well as spare 30q cells.

Good to know. I’ll take a look at the space I have and see how a 4p would fit and what that would weigh. Mostly flat here. Most of my riding will be on flat city streets for commute.

Everything but the wheels, trucks and Vescs are ordered and on the way. Picked up a 36x9.25 maple deck for cheap on amazon, drop style for the first go at this.

Definitely fine to stay with 10s right. 12s would only get me additional performance I don’t desire right now. But I have the cells to do it

Yeah I’m hitting low to mid 30s on a 10s all terrain board. You’ll go plenty fast with 10s

MUCH faster than ill need

Still have a few more things to order. Finishing finals and ill get started on the battery pack last week. In the meantime … I picked up a moose 36 drop deck from amazon and I also purchased a Loaded Vanguard #3 :smiley:

I wanted to put my hands on both boards. The Vanguard board feels great, haven’t gone on a ride yet but being top mounted, the board does sit very high. I understand I need to mount electronics, but ive got almost 4" to the center bottom of the board with me standing in the center and 3 inches to the center edge when im leaning into it simulating a carve. Just seems very high with the caliber 2 trucks and the 85mm Caguamas I decided on.

Swapping the trucks over to the drop through 36 in a bit to see how that looks/feels. I don’t want a super low rider, just feeling a little high up on this currently.

I have no longboarding experience, only skateboarding. So is this a feel I should just get used to? Im assuming this ride height is very close to the boosted boards given the similar deck and wheels and not many people complain about them.

Just went for a little parking lot ride. Feels nice