Review my TEEMO BOARD only IF you have a high YouTube subscriber count

I’m an honest pro skater, I don’t think you’ll want me…lol


i appreciate you @squishy654. Even if they don’t.


I want to see @longhairedboy review it


I’ll review it if it is free! I can shoot you an email soon [email protected]

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Agreed I want to see @longhairedboy review it!


If @BigBoyToys reviewed it reviews arent going to be too good :joy:


Ill gladly review it, I live in Ireland which has some pretty bumpy roads and wet conditions if you want a stress test! email [email protected]

I can provide a review of your board if youd like me to. Im familar with the components you are using and what to expect from them. If it doesnt have random remote cutouts, doesnt shut down climbing small hills with an average sized rider due to voltage sag to the LVC and the urethane doesnt get loose or slip within the 1st few charge cycles I would be impressed and able to provide a positive review. U can even have the board back after, assuming you pay return shipping.


Just wondering but is that supposedly teemo 1 board actually just a Meepo board

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also down to review teemo board for free

Sorry,but I can give you a discount code, thank you.

hey, responded to your email yesterday. when can I expect a response?

i’ll test the teemo 2 if it’s free to me

can make a youtube video too

could pay shipping ifuwant

email: [email protected]


TEEMO will only provide you with a test unit if you have a high subscriber count (understandable). His offer of test boards is purely for advertisement purposes. So in my opinion, nothing to see here. Stick with @kieraneboard who has provided exception customer service with his budget board.


I have almost 600 subscribers if you are interested in sending me one or giving me a discount I would to do an in depth review my email is [email protected] and my youtube channel is XD DANNYZ FTW thanks so much

Not sure what you want anyone to review? This is a meepo board, or board, or a (insert dumb name here) board. You have done nothing new TEEMO. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

Just go here and use any of these videos as your review. . It’s not like you’re unfamiliar with copycatting dude.


How about I will only test your piece of shit board if it was quality or promising in any way…sorry your crap doesn’t meet my expectations…anyone willing to test this crap for a free board is a sell-out shill and will lose respect from the community…why would they want to do that to themselves?

edit, didn’t mean to reply to mikenopolis…

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We all see positive reviews on shitty boards on YouTube.

Having someone review a board only because they have a high sub count is stupid.

I can’t stand to see another YouTube blogger who knows nothing about esk8, get one of these, put clickbait title like “AMAZING NEW ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD, FASTER THAN BOOSTED!!” And then the review consists of: “package is nice hurrr durr” “Looks nice hurrr durr” And then 2 minutes of them riding it “Goes forward, and worked for 2 minutes, incredible board, great company, buy it with my discount link HURR DURR”


So has anyone actually received a board to TEST/Review yet? Or Has Teemo tuck tail and run? I’ll give em this… looks like they had stock to sell… no waiting.