Reviews Specifically For Flipsky's FSESC6.6 With Aluminum Case

I hope this can be a focused discussion on what is the general consensus on Flipsky’s FSESC6.6 with an Aluminum case regarding running at 12S and FOC mode.

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found this thread.

The discussions here are almost never focused to a certain extent. Unless a mega thread was created for all posts under a common category.

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I’m riding 12s4p vtc6 / Single Fsesc 6.6 / Mayteck 6355 190kv / gearing 15/32 Kegels. Even at 30A Batt max it’s hard to keep the Traction.

I run dual on my trampa… 80A/-80A Motor and 40/-10 Battery. SK3’s (no sensors), Etoxx Belt Drive, FOC with 10S6P 25R’s

Only one issue I have found and that is if you use split PPM turning on one ESC turns the second one on. Not had a chance to figure out why it does that. Yes I have disconnected the negative from one of the ESC. I actually disconnected the positive as well, still does it. So I run CAN atm without any problems.

I have not had any issue with them so far but I have only done about 150 miles, all offroad. They have been rattled to bits and so far no problems. I checked inside the case and all the components are still solid inside.

Even with the ambient temperature @ 30c I have only seen a max temp of 45c/46c.

I took a punt and turns out it was a decenct gamble. I’m very happy with the ESC.

I have heard of one person blowing the DRV chip - that was switching from FOC to BLDC. I never ran BLDC and don’t plan to either.

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I have been running the ESC in FOC with 240kv motors on 10S without any issues! I think it is a very good deal for the price so I decided to sell them on my website! You can check it out here, they are on preorder right now and will be available on the 9th of September (maybe even a little earlier depending on shipping). 6_Aluminum_Case_Button_1800x1800

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