Revolve | Custom evolve gen 2 carbon deck | twin vesc-x | dual ollin 200kv | Custom 10s5p 30Q - FOR SALE

Finally got around to building on the spare evolve gen 2 carbon deck I picked up cheap.

Mounted GT trucks on sidewinders, ollin 200kv’s fit perfectly. I did have to rotate the motor mounts though as they hit the kicktail. rotated about 30 degrees and added an additional locking bolt.

the ollin motor shafts were too big to use with the all terrain tyres so I cut them down a bit. 16mm 15tooth aluminium ebay pulleys, 15mm belts 360mm and 250mm.

compartment in the kick tail for the GT2b receiver and bluetooth module.


First time making my own battery, 10s5p samsung 30Q’s.

Been saving all my used solderwick for this! Connected BMS cabling just in case.

Very nice looking!

I just ordered 2 of these same motors to be used on an 8 wheel longboard.

8!! That’s an shit tonne of money right there!

It will only be 2wd, and I’m custom machining all of the parts so it only uses 2 trucks. Should keep the cost down a bit, but you know how these things go!

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Anyone interested in finishing this off?

You move on to a new project? Why would you sell?

yes moved onto a trampa, am also building a landyachtz hollowtech prophecy with carvon V3’s. Just too much on the go at once.

How much are looking to get? I might be interested in it for my kid. What’s left to do?

Am in Brisbane Australia - postage would be $$$$$$$ Just needs an on/off switch, has no BMS, and wouldn’t sell with the abecs and the belts.

Uggh, totally understand your pain. I have too many projects too. I have two boards with Carvon V2’s, an EVO2 and a separate pairnof V3’s for my CF alien power deck on preorder, a raptor 2 on pre order, a 4wd hub board, a 33" CF potatoe with 100mm Jacobs hubs and a Carbon GT, also waiting on a pair of the new torqueboards hubs from Dexter, and I have a trampa hahaha. Im gonna have to start selling mine off too.

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I’ll take the 4wd :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you selling the whole board? @Jebe

probably not the vesc-x - have normal vesc’s that could go with it - vesc-x’s are in my trampa.

no takers? Can part it out.

Ok… so ready to part out whatever… 10s5p 30q’s like 4 cycles on them. No vescs can ship with a diyeboard dual esc but i dont like those escs personally. Has 2 racestar 140kvs on it now. Hoped that would help with the aggressive throttle response of the esc. But it really doesnt. Also has an evolve gt AT setup on it. Idk $1000 aud? Whats it worth people?

PM sent

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