Ride Time. how long can you ride?

I’m interested to know peoples ride time and what battery they are using. there is a lot of discussion about distance and speed, but I don’t think there has been one about Time.

Please share the approximate* ride time that you get and what battery pack you are using :smile: I’ll start:

I’m using a 6S 5000mAh pack and I get about an hour of ride time.

*obviously this will be different for every one depending on hills and other factors, but I’m interested to know…

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12S 5200mAh single motor, just over an hour of ride time.

I am using 6s 10AH lipo, I got about 2hr ride time if I constantly hold 50% - 80% throttle. This could even be further improved with some kick push and occasional neutraling the throttle position (let it cruise).

Both very interesting results.

im keen to see what other people are getting as well

On my eMTB I have a 12S 15Ah Lipo and get around 2.5 hr on pavement and 1.5 hr on off road terrain.

For my vanguard I have a 12S 8Ah Lipo and get around 2 hr ride.

But mostly I prefer to talk on distance when it comes to battery performance.

That’s impressive. I rarely ever got more than an hour out of my 6S 10ah pack, even at 50%. I’ve never used a VESC with that pack though. My 6S upgrade will likely consist of VESC and one of those 12Ah graphene packs.

I get about 90 minutes out of my space cell because i just can’t keep it slower than 10 consistently. Here’s my last range test with a 1:28:43 run time on it. looking at my averages in the splits you can see i was trying to keep it slow but its hard. lol

also this was on a single 6355, vesc, 155 lb rider on a cold and windy day.

Well don’t get me wrong completely, I didn’t stand on my board for complete 2 hours in total :slight_smile: but it can reach around 1:45 ish. I ride in Netherlands, we have bike paths which is quite smooth and flat. My weight is also 60kg. Literally kick starting and cruising as much as possible combined with large wheel and ceramic bearings make the difference in time and abit more in distance.

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Nice split layout What app is that ?

@lowGuido great question! I get about an hour of ride time with 8S 5000mAh. I start with 4.2v and aim to finish with 3.6v or more. I usually stop at about 3.7v or 3.8v.

EDIT: Adding more detail in case @lowGuido decides to use it. Single motor, 4.29:1 gearing, belt driven, mixed terrain (10-15 grade hills and flats), 127mm pneumatic wheels, rider weight is 150 lbs.

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I have been using a 750 watt hour pack for quite awhile now and I honestly never even have to think about how much range or time I have left. I don’t think I can ever go back to anything less. A big battery makes range or ride time a non issue for most riding.


I have been using 2x 8000 mAh zippy batteries is parallel, giving me 16000 mAh of juice running at 6s. However, it is about a 20 mile range or about 2 hours of ride time. Bear in mind, half of that ride has 15- 20% hills. So I’m sure I could get better if I lived where its flat. But San Francisco is the opposite of flat, lol.

That’s Under Armour’s Map My Ride app for iphone. They probably have it for android as well.

this info is all very interersting! is anyone else seeing what I am seeing? need more data! share some more times people!

Would be good if you make a table in your first entry where you count which setting was used and which result it has. I already see what you are thinking but this table would make it more clear and better to analyse :wink:

yeah I was thinking of making a table. but at the moment there is not enough data. need more guys!

I get on ave about 20km on flat and about an hour to do it im about 105 kg riding a fik rager with custom motor mount abec 11 83 mm 75a

@gcjimbo what cell count and mAh battery?

My map

Pic is prior to abecs when i was riding kegals

8ah 36v so is that 10s

just to remind everyone the point of this thread. The data that we are interested in is battery type and time. distance is not a factor.