Rider hit at 50mph (SocalLegend)

I know I haven’t been active for a while now but I still follow the hobbie. Socal Legend was in an accident on his way to work this morning. He was on the crosswalk and was hit by a car at 15mph according to his instagram story just published around 15 mins ago. So far he has 3 broken toes and was pretty banged up. Prayers for speedy recovery!



Confirmed. Socal Joe said it was 50mph!!! temp

Hey Joe Adams you traitor! what does a car have that esk8 doesn’t psssshh lol.

Poor Joe Dubya! I remember he was hit by a car a year or two ago, Glad he always wears his helmet. Did he say he 15 or 50?!?! I heard 50mph


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Broken toes out of Evolve world cup…he’s crushed

If you know him… leave him a message help him rise above this

50mhp and just some broken toes? I hope he recovers well.

Dang well I’m glad he’s okay for the most part. That really sucks. Imo if you can ride in the street and keep up with traffic it’s much safer than sidewalks and crosswalks. When you see a driver that’s about to [email protected]!k you up I make eye contact with them to make sure they realize I am there. I don’t ride on main roads with speeds above 30mph that way I know I can keep up or pass traffic. Even after every precuation anything can still happen.

Holy shit man, hope for a safe recovery. You have a freaking guardian angel on your back. Get well soon.

This is sad to hear, hope for a speedy recovery.

This is why I started wearing a helmet, not because I don’t crash (which I have), but because when you’re up against a car you’ll always lose.