Riders in San Diego?

Who is in San Diego these coming few weeks? I am from seattle and will be down there for a few weeks starting next Friday. Looking for a person/group to go riding with.

Download the TELEGRAM app. Sign up then click on the link below. That’s where a lot of SoCal riders chat and meet up. There are a bunch of SD riders. On the forum though. I only know @Arzamenable



image Let’s roll


Let’s do it. I’ve got a trampa street carver.

Def can hit my bud up SoCal Legend just ping him on IG he’s always down to get stoked

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bookmarking. Im originally from carmel mtn and will be home in SD in a couple weeks as well…board less and wanting to ride! =)

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I’m in SD and always down to ride. I live in the Pt. Loma/OB area. Hit me up.

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I ride in both IB and Poway. Lets ride!!!

hi jacking the thread! Im here, in carmel mtn at the familys house… tomorrow is my main free day to ride… AND i need a board to ride if possible…could possibly steal my brothers meepo BUT im a dual drive person these days so if you got a spare and are free to roll lemme now!

@Bobby @PredatorBoards

Hi jacking the thread also! anyone on San Diego want’s to ride today?