*Ridiculously* Good Prices

I live in NZ, so prices are in USD and include shipping to the states with NZ post, which surprisingly, is a genuinely competent postal service. Some phenomenal deals listed here

1x 12s Bestech Power HCX-D596, 3a Charger and 5a Charge Port

  • 70 USD
  • In brand new condition, not fired up

DSCF8273 DSCF8274

Sold: 2x Maytech Super ESC’s with Can-Bus connector

  • Fired up on the bench, both work!
  • 160 USD for the pair

DSCF8285 DSCF8287

2x Racerstar 5065’s with Gear, perfect 12s KV

  • Some scratching on top from trying to get circlips off
  • 60 USD for the pair inc. gears and 49t 15mm belts (not pictured sorry)

DSCF8283 DSCF8284

Sold: Maytech 6355’s (170kv)

  • In brand new condition
  • 140 USD for the pair


Sold: Exertion Nano X

  • Sadly doesn’t feel good, I have very small hands and it was just completely wrong fit.
  • Don’t know the going rate for these, so 40USD? ​It’s in brand new condition

DSCF8278 DSCF8275



Enertion has their remotes on sale for $28 right now…

It says sold :slight_smile: Also add $15 flat rate shipping so it’s still cheaper


Dunno if there’ll be any interest in these, but I have a few completes that I haven’t been able to sell.

Board One: Loaded Cantellated Tesseract Complete

Board Two: Root Longboards complete with Surfrodz Trucks

PM me if interested, I’ll go lower because TM has ridiculous action fees! I’ll remove it from the auction site and get it shipped to your door ASAP. Should probably mention the prices above are NZD :slight_smile: