Riding at sunset

Ive made it a routine to ride right after work before i get home every day… I load up my back pack, ride to a secluded spot on the path near the beach, and watch the sun set while sparking a nice bowl before the ride back… music playing the entire time…Anyone else have rides like these? What music you listening to while you ride?


I feel like listening to music is a bit dangerous for me unless I were to make speakers like @Deckoz. Mostly just weekend rides around the park for now…

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I made an attachment to my helmet so the speakers dont block traffic noise… it’s essentially like having two speakers echo into my helmet… $12 plus i try to stick to paths and avoid traffic

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I actually avoid riding at sunset, unless it is on a greenway. Sunset is the most dangerous time to ride street. I’ll ride dawn, day, and night, but sunset is a no-no for me.

I love me my music though.

I like sunset rides, too. Sometimes if I don’t have to work I do sunrise rides, that’s really peaceful. Starting in the dark and ending with the daylight and nobody else outside :sunglasses:… Ok almost nobody, once I almost hit a black dog in the dark.

I always listen to music but only with one ear otherwise it’s too dangerous.

And post some pics @Bobby :grin:

No music. Need to check for uncommon noises. Best moments were riding in the dark through the forrest slightly before dusk. Large groups of deer, foxes and other wildlife.

I love the evening rides. Traffic dies down. No Car head lights yet.

I listen to music on airpods, always with ear closest to back foot/drive train open.

Talk about zen… my favorite chill spot on weekdays. Weekends cm get crowded


I would love to have nice rides like that but the weather in seattle rarely permits

I just play KEXP or KDHX with my cell phone and put it in my shirt pocket. I can still hear noises around me, don’t have to build speakers, and can hear the music as well.

I like the idea of this thread…

Didnt get to blaze anything this time but at least it was a nice view and I got to test my board on somewhat terrible sea walk road… :slight_smile:




One of the best times to ride. Love to go for a sunset ride around the local waters. Great views.

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@anorak234 Praying to the esk8 gods? :smile:

Good picture non the less…

2nd guess for the meaning of picture: If not praying, then offering your board as a sacrifice :smile:


@Okami yup got to make sure Skatan stays happy.

That’s my brother holding our friend’s AT board, we took a sunset ride on the trails in Northern Calif back in February