Riding downhill over the speed limit of your set up, is it harmfull?

Hey guys.

Quick question. I started to take my e-board (raptor) downhilling a lot recently. And just now its broken donw(haven’t figured out why yet) . So my question is the following: Is it harmfull going over 50/60 when your board can only go 45?. I noticed that if I engage the throttel when going faster than 45 that it actually slows me down. So I usually let it “coast” when reaching 45 or more. But I generally want to know if that is harmfull. Even more so since I am building my new carvon board and would would hate to mess that one up too…

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I think that question should go straight to Benjamin Vedder

Kph or mph?

kph. would love to own a board who could that in mph :slight_smile:

I know a few people who do lol not me though never

I don’t think coasting at any speed is harmful other than the mechanical wear, if any current was flowing through the motor coils there would be some force on the motor

yeah I thought along those lines. But braking simply doesn’t work at those speeds ever :slight_smile:

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the breaking doesn’t work at all?

well normal downhill runs or even races sure, but so far saddly never achieven those speeds on an e-board. fastes speed recorded was 68 on steep stretch.

No, if I tried to engage the brake, there was a lot of noise but no cosiderable drag.

I think the regen breaking requires the fets to switch so if your above the top speed the fets can’t switch fast enough, same reason for the throttle causing you to slow down

maybe this could cause a problem but if the erpm limits are set it should be fine

First of all you should disable “limit ERPM with negative torgue”. then it will coast instead of brake when you are above the maximum ERPM. And what setup do you have that 50 or 60 is causing trouble.

mine does 40 mph

Regular unaltered raptor one dual in that case.

O.o. nice. Hoppin to achieve similar speeds with my next build. Alltough I found that Downhill is somehow more fun for me to go speed hunting than flats. cannot really put my finger on it, it feels raw, true and originnal.

Checked your profile haven’t found a build, have a link to it ? since I tried different gearing + large wheels and I could reach 68kmh, but it prevented any rides over 6km since the battery just couldn’t take it.

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